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when you get in your car do you HAVE to leave? in a certain time frame?

cos I got honked at!!

i was going to sit and eat my burger b4 i left but this person waiting honked at me.
so i went out and parked way down the other end and ate it tongue

how rude! i am too dam nice!
I wouldve given her the finger and continued rude!
I hate when people are waiting for my makes me feel so rushed, although Ive decided not to let it rush me anymore, if you have a child just take your time!
The worst one is when they are waiting for your spot and you can see 10 more spots nearby..why do people do that!
lol I think you were being too nice in this situation smile Its your spot, you get to park there for as long as you damn well want to!
ha ha I would have smiled and waved at them! Why would someone beep? If I was waiting for a park and the person sat in there for a few mins I would assume they weren't leaving and find another park.

If I am leaving and have nothing more to do in my car, and someone is waiting, then yes I hurry as fast as I can to get out of there so they can park. I think that is just being curtious.
If I am sitting in my car to do something, I always leave my door open so they know I am not planning on going yet, I wouldn't have moved either way. How would they know you weren't waiting for someone else.

Very rude to get honked at!!

I love sitting and watching people get all impatient LOL

was Bubbagirlsmama

i didnt even realise anyone was waiting till they honked tongue
maybe they where just seeing if you where leaving
but if you where able to move to another park they should have just gone to that you are to nice
there is no need to move you can sit in a car as long as you like as long as you don't fall asleep

i why can't i fall asleep?? is there a law? LOL
there are by laws that say you are not allowed to sleep in your car

How rude! I hate that! You should have waved them on...
I think if you get in your car people expect you to leave. If I am not intending on leaving straight away I always tell the 'hoverer' I am not leaving so they don't keep sitting and waiting

But then some people are so darn impatient these days anyway, you could be leaving but taking too long cause you have kids and shopping to load up and they roll their eyes and shake their head cause you are taking too long - I don't understand why people don't just go find another park and just walk a little further ...

Another of those 'life mysteries' I will never understand LOL
Lol, definitely too nice. I have arrived at my car, with a trolley full of shopping & a baby, to have a car immediately stop & the driver stare at me impatiently. First off, it takes awhile to load all those bags & a baby in the car! By the time they wait for me they could have parked elsewhere & been in the shops already. Secondly, who says I am even leaving. I might just be emptying my trolley & going back inside - people DO do that! I am obviously not nice, because I continue to do what I have to do at my normal pace, I shouldn't have to rush because they can't drive 4 spaces further down lol. One day a woman was waiting for me to leave, and giving me a horrendously dirty look as I unloaded my trolley & even gestured at me to hurry up. So when I'd emptied my trolley, I headed back inside again! She swore at me as she drove past, and then parked in the next row....

ETA I also hate when you end up with 4 or 5 cars lined up (even to the point of blocking the car park entry!) while someone waits for someone to leave so they can have the space, when there are clearly more spaces a little further down..
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its more fun to put shopping into your car then go back to the shop with a nice smile for the one waiting!

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