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Who has been here the longest, who has the highest post count, etc etc... Lock Rss

I first joined in 2005 when I was just pregnant with DS. I had looked at the site (huggies) when we decided to start TTC as I was looking up baby things, and then found the forum by chance one day when playing around on the site, and I've been a member, left but seem to keep coming back!

So I have been an on and off member of huggies for a bit over 3.5 years.

How long have you been a member??

I think the highest post count would definately be Mel wouldn't it??
I have been a member since 2005 but you wouldnt think so going off my post count. AS i had to rejoin not long ago as the stupid Huggies site wouldnt accept my password.

Not me, i've been here since Feb 2007 so not that long at all (account says April 2007 due to the change over).
I think the highest post count would be Mel, (Moniquesmum) with just over 141000 posts
I have been a member of huggies since I was pregnant with DS2 (2004) but only used the forums for a bit over 2 years
i have been a memeber since 06, im the invisbale member that rights posts but never gets replies, i left a few weeks ago cos got sick of talking to myself,LOL. i mainly just reply to others now.

I came March 2006, lost my password then rejoined april 07.. but definately not the longest member or the highest count

I joined in o6 when I was pregnant with Luke ..but the site got shut down for a little while and I had to rejoin ...

I have a high post count cause I excell in waffling on with crap !! lollol
i never look at post counts, unless its a sh1t stirer i have never encounted. Usually they only have a few posts! I have never looked at moniquesmum's post count, really that many?? wow!!!
far out... 14 thousand odd posts.... thats alot of blabbing on mainly about nothing!! LOL... Good Work!!!

No idea what my stats are... I guess i'll take notice when i submit this post, i think i've been joined since about August 07 (when DD was born)

ok, so must have joined when i was pregnant with DD.. 26 April 07.. would've been exactly 5mths pregnant!! 520 posts..
[Edited on 08/07/2009]
I had to post to see when I joined up, so whatever it says in the corner there! I think late 04 or early 05!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

I joined in the beginning of 05...cant remember the month but i do know it was in the first half of the hear! Jan or Feb i think???

BUT as i got the mods to delete my old account, i lost my post count also... which was only about 6000 from memory!

Ahh Denae do u remember those days when we used to just 'hang out' in the Pregnancy and Birth section over 3 years ago with our big bellys in front of us!!!??? LOL! You wouldnt believe that its passed so quickly n those bumps are about to turn 3! LOL!
I've been a member for about the same time as the OP. Found the forum pretty much the same way, when I was pregnant with DD1 too.

As for post count, mine is by no means impressive, especially considering the time frame I have had lol.

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