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Childcare and Kindy??? Lock Rss

Can someone please explain to me what the go is? I am putting DS into a C&K kindy in 2011 when he turns 4 but for next year when he turns 3 I want to put him into something to help him adjust before he goes into Kindy.(He has never been appart from me - barely even goes to Grandma's house for very long)

So at 3yrs what are the options avaliable and what are the differences?? Was thinking about Montessorri but only because that is what my mum did with us when we were this age.

Thanks a mill guys.
It depends on the State you live in.

Cheers NEss

At 3yrs old Sarah I believe your option in Qld is childcare - I don't know much about Montessori sorry.

You say you want something for Mason so he settles into kindy ok the following yr, if this is your ONLY reason for looking for something for him next yr I personally wouldn't worry about it ...

Ryan started at a C&K kindy at 4yrs of age this yr without having ever been in childcare ... he never even got teary for a second (it was me who did lol) and he settled in beautifully. There is a huge difference in how Mason will be being left in 18mths time to now - they do a LOT of growing up between the ages of 2 and 4
Thanks Jo - I really really do worry about him as he is such a sensitive child. I was thinking also that he might be getting bored with me at home. He is a bright little guy but can be very destructive lately when he isn't busy or being stimulated.

I"m in QLD Ness.
I'm from Qld, sorry I have no idea what Montessorri is, is that another form of Childcare?

I found childcare great, my twins had really really bad separation anxiety, I put them in one day a week and this has really helped the situation. I do think also it depends on the child. My son loved one day a week child care from 11 months on, he used to go half a day just so I could mop my floors then maybe read a book for half an hour.

I also agree with pp I don't think it'll hurt though if he doesn't get into anything before kindy, children adapt really well and quickly to new things.

Best of luck

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