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PLEASE if you can donate ASAP! There is a fabulous little girl that needs YOUR blood! Apparently it is rare (only 10% of the population) so please call your local red cross tomorrow to register!

Im A positive. i thought it was quite common?
I would love to but i dont think they will let me when im breastfeeding? i used to donate before i had ashlee but i'll find out tomorrow. if i can, i'd love to - im well overdue!
I wish i could contribute to donating for this little girl, but unfortunately i cant donate due to a blood disorder and abnormally high platelet count.
Im hoping someone can help though!!! I will let my family know, they need A+ as most of us are A+
i thought A+ was pretty common?

I am A+ and so is DH...I have never donated before (i know naughty me) does it all work?


Em, you can't donate whilst preg or feeding.

I was a regular donor until I got my tatt done. Will be a while till I can again unfortunatley. I donate because they had some on standby for me after the accident. I was lucky enough not to need it but many aren't as lucky as I was.

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Oh dear, maybe I heard wrong!! I have just text her to check! I do know they needed to get it couriered to the hossy!
Approximately one third of the population have blood type A+. I'm one of them but can't donate because of a blood disorder.

I hope the little girl gets the blood she needs.
i have only recently got a tattoo as well (forgot about that) so i wouldnt be able to anyway.

when i did it, a couple of years back now, you basically went in, sat in a comfy chair and they put a needle in your elbow and drained X amount of blood. simple smile
I'm A+ but can't donate this close after having bub. But A+ is actually one of the most common.

Im A+ also and when I went in for my first checkup the midwife commented that it was the most common blood group. If we had a donation place here I would do it in a heartbeat though if I was eligible. Nurses love me cause Im a good pumper! LOL, their words, not mine!

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There might not be alot in stock where they are Kate.

I wish i could help hun, but im O+

I can't even donate coz of my iron levels, but to anyone who can, pls do so, Blood donations save lives, helped save me when i had Coops smile
And my friends lil girl Chelsea that some of you know.


Well apparently it is A+ and her doc said it was rare! Anyways, fact is where she is it needs to be couriered so they mustn't have much around ATM as I think (?) she is in one of the bigger hossys too.
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