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Probably Boring for u all.. But... Rss

This morning i took my 1st motorbike lesson, and im abit happy about how i did grin

It was so great!!! I was really surprised I have no nerves before hand or at the start.

The instructor was lovely. She really knows what shes doing & is a great teacher!

She told me I was doing so well that she took me on the road 1st lesson after about 10mins of off road practice, we did lots of gear changing practice, cornering, getting a good feel for the clutch, front & rear brakes... really enjoyed myself & a teensy bit proud of myself too for picking it up so quickly grin

Cant wait til next Tuesday to have another lesson grin

Thanks for reading.
Woo hoo Go you biker mole!
woot... woot.... well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

Thank u Manda Watch out biker chick in the making LMFAO.. bahaha

Thank u Tracey grin
Well done! My SIL, Brother and DH all got their licence last year and loved the lessons!

rummm rummmmmmmmmmm *motorbike sound* you'll be a crazed 'mad max biker' chick in no time!!

Thanks Lachlans mum smile Did you DH & family find the test easy??

MrsMM Vvvrrrrmmmmmm who needs something with AA's when u can have a big beast between ur legs PMSL... haha.

Good on you honey - I wish I was brave enough to even ride on the back of a motorbike!

Good to hear you are picking it up well, I hope the rest of your lessons go this well!! Keep us posted!!

Thanks P. Im seriously like the biggest wuss in life bout everything, never been on a rollercoaster or any scary rides for that matter. But since riding pillion with the BF for the past few months im hooked grin Its fast becoming an addictive and very expensive hobby. lol..

Ps- how'd u go getting your bed together today?
WOW...sounds like you will have your license in no time...

I'm not game enough to get on a two wheeled motorbike...I would love a harley davidson trike....


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