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Evening meal... Lock Rss

ok, it's a dinner thread LOL

I've got curried chicken with cocunut milk going in the slowie, and cheese and bacon bread in the breadmaker.

Ahhh, now I can relax smile
good old Pasta Bolognese...
Chicken risotto, yum yum!
Pork Chops & Salad

was Bubbagirlsmama


creamy chicken bacon pasta with veges
crumbed chicken with potato bake and veges
I haven't decided yet
Steak n Chips lol

Meatloaf, mashed potatoe and steamed vegies boring!

I have no idea yet. I have taken chicken breasts out, but have no idea yet. I might make chicken parmi or something similar. Not much in this house, shopping day tomorrow! So im thinking chicken parmi and salad
I am thinking beef stir fry, vegies and either noodles or rice
I havent decided either really lol.

Im thinking maybe sausages & veges. Nice and easy. Oh i might make a yummy salad actually, ive been a bit naughty recently lol
I've just had lunch. Dinner is too far away to care about.
Lemon pepper king george whiting with rosti's and salad... mmm yuuuummmm can't wait till dinner time!!

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