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Where's the Dinner thread?!..... Rss

I have no idea what i am doing for tea tonight... so, what r u doing.. i need some ideas!!
homemade hamburgers!

pumpkin soup with Fresh bread.... mmmmm.... yummo...

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

Mild chicken curry in the slow cooker it's been on since 9am lol smells yummy and kiddies love it lol

BBQ Steak, chips and baked beans - and some sort of veg.
Pizza tonight! I'm babysitting so something easy
Steak Diane with mash & veg smile mmmm
bloody nothing if im at the hospital all arvo i need to get to the shops and do the food shopping sometime today! If not its gonna be something very easy

Creamy Chicken and vege pie and roast potaoes.

I am going to make chocolate self saucing pudding for dessert. - oooh yeah, my mouth is drooling!

Ooo Cherry that sounds SO delicious!!
Roast lamb, with roasted veggies, peas and yorkshire puddings.

Homemade steak burgers for us, Bugs has asked for couscous, cucumber and "wissoles"
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