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do you care how long 'it' last? (rude) Lock Rss

I keep hearing those ad's on the radio about making him last longer!

I maybe strange but i don't want 'him' to last all night! once i'm done i'm always hoping he isn't far behind so lasting 10 to 20mins (including foreplay) is plenty for me.....what about you other girls? does it have to be all night to be good?

(sorry if i offend anyone)

Hrmm im the same... i think half an hour is plenty haha
the quicker the better in my opinion. means i get more sleep that way LOL
fast game is a good game !!! lol lol lol
I love sex, but the all nighters have gone out the window since we had babies.
I think a range between 10mins- 1 hour is pretty good.

With the very occaissonal all nighter wink

I have had a man that would blow in the first few strokes, so yep, it would have been good if he lasted longer.

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

i hate marathons.... goes long enough as it is, and after about 15 mins i tell him to get off anyway lol

when you add in the foreplay etc, it can really drag out, and i much prefer quickies, especially when there is so many kids to look after lol.

as long as im finished then he can wrap it up anytime lol

i was going to say those ads are more aimed at the one stroke wonders out there (who i do feel sorry must be hard to be like that...or soft as it may be LOL)

the only time i've ever pulled an all nighter was when i was pinging off my nut back in the day LOL
Do I care??

Hell yes!! I'm spoilt though cos DP is very 'attentive' and makes sure I'm fully satisfied before he satisfies himself...whether that takes 5mins or 2hrs hehehe

Having said that though, DP jokes all the time about calling those numbers and I keep telling him to forget it cos I wouldn't be able to walk straight if he did get something to increase his stamina hehehe

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

Personally if it goes on too long it starts to just be painful. I'm all for 20min tops. I'm with Emma - I like my sleep too much. lol

princessdora - don't you just run out of puff and positions? All nighters really??
lol u girls get half an hour?
Im lucky to get 10 minutes, and that includes foreplay! But it doesnt bother me, it means I get more sleep, and when Im done im not waiting ages for him to be done too.
Do I care? lol, yeah, quicker would be nice! how come they only have medication for guys who go in 3 seconds. What about the ones who take so long you both give up & go to sleep?!
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