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I have just got home from the GP with my almost 3 month old and she noticed that he has a sacral dimple which can be an indicator for spina bifida. I was very calm at the surgery but now I am home and am freaking out. DH is in Darwin so he is of no use to me. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks

no experience with the dimple but my nephew was born about 2-3 months ago with spina bifida but hey actually had a hole in his back. he had surgery to fix it and has been fine so far.

have the doctors said whether they are doing anything for it. are they sending you off for a scan to check for sure.

speak to tysmoo she has a wealth of knowledge, more so then me and was great when i heard about my nephew

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MY DS3 has a sacral dimple, and has done since birth. He is a normal robust three year old, and doesn't have spina bifida. A sacral dimple is an indicator, but is quite common without the disease:) Try not to stress too much before the scan.
Thanks Kathryn - she has referred us to the peadiatrician but we don't see him for a couple of weeks. The wait is going to kill me.

krboys - does you DS have a little bit of hair growing from his? Apparently that is significant. I'm pleased to hear you have a robust little 3 year old on your hands.

hmmm.. just had a quick look, and no there is no hair. But, from memory I remember googling and seeing this, so think that he had a little bit of hair when he was younger ifkwim. I really freaked myself out, but you can have a look at the indicators, and see if that helps. Best waiting for the paed though., You can only deal with what you know:)
My DS, who is now almost 2 and a half, was born with a sacral dimple. My Paed never mentioned anything to me about it being linked with spina bifida.

All I was told was to keep it clean and the only problem it would pose would be when he was old enough to grow bum hair, as this could lead to an ingrown hair and then infection.

I figured when he is old enough to grow bum hair, he is old enough to check his dimple himself! LOL!

Seriously though, I never even knew there was a link between the two and was never told either.

both ds and dd have the sacral dimple and when they were born they sent us for a ultrasound and come back fine try to stress less
Thanks for the replies and I am trying not to stress but!!!!! It's not the dimple itself that is concerning it's the fact that he has a dimple AND there is hair on it. When the GP showed me I asked her what it meant and she said 'now you're going to freak and I don't want you to'. When you hear that from your doctor of course the first thing you do is freak. She also told me to ring her rather than sit at home in tears and she would talk me through it. Typical that the pead is on holidays at the moment so we just have to wait it out and try not to worry too much in the meantime.

Hey hun,
Ok firstly and foremostly a sacral dimple does not generally indicate spina bifida in its worst form it generally indicates spina bifida occulta which is far more common then most of us would like to believe. Many people live their entire life without realising that they actually have it.

Spina bifida whilst scary can mean so many different things to so many people. Some affected will have very limited mobility and will be incontinent whilst others lead a normal life and you wouldnt know they had it to look at them. Some with spina bifida have many other problems but others have none. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing which path you may be headed down even after a firm diagnosis.

My son has spina bifida and when I first found out at 20 weeks gestation I thought he was going to be a vegetable and have severe disablities. I was uneducated on it and feared the worst. Whilst google and the like gave me some wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful information the most valuable information for me was meeting other children and their families affected by spina bifida. I would recommend that if it is confirmed that she does have the occulta version of Spina Bifida that you contact The Spina Bifida Association in your state to see if they can connect you with others in the same situation.

I know you are scared atm and I know you want answers but please try not to overthink things and try not to "Stress" Spina bifida even in its worst form is still not a death sentence.

If you have any questions even if they seem the most stupidest questions in the world just holler and Ill endeavour to answer them as honestly as I can.

Best of luck
Nikki xx
Annika has a sacral dimple, it was noticed when she was 3 days old by the hospital paed. He said it was nothing to worry about and that it would dissapear?
she is 2 and 5mths and it's still there.

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I forgot to add that I had a CVS (with both kids) at 11 and 13 weeks and genetically they both came back all clear

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