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thanks to the addams family Rss

wednesday is probably always a girls name
and tuesdat also thanks to ruby tuesday

but what would you use the other days of the week for boys names or girls names

friday male
sunday female
thursday male
saturday male
monday female

I think, Friday should be female, being the best day of the week, and Monday should really be male, as it's always a bit a pr**k. smile hehehehe
[Edited on 06/08/2009]
friday- male
saturday- male
sunday- female
monday- female
thursday- either

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

Sorry just read that properly , I think the way you have it
[Edited on 06/08/2009]
Isnt it customary in Indonesia (dont quote me on that) that they name there kids whatever day of the week they were born on.. I think i remember hearing that in class when we were learning Indonesian

they name them according to birth order.
there are about 6 different names. i cant remember all of them but i know Ketut is 3rd?
when u get to number 4 you start again but there is 2 names u can choose from for the first and second born, i believe.

oh but thats in bali. may be different on other islands. but the others are more to do with the parents names then days of the week.

Hmm have to disagree with of DH's mates is named Wednesday and it suits him to a tee and he is a big blokey bloke

Cheers Ness

interesting never would have thought of wednesday as a bloke
but proves again that name means nothing if the person behind the name is ok

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