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Confessions or secrets?? Lock Rss

once again heaps of the above I could admit to too smile

I have another -

I am jealous of people whose husbands wash cars and mow lawns and spend quality time with the family on the weekend. It makes me sad when I see a whole family at the park or the shops when I am out with my kids alone.
Love this thread: makes me feel a bit more normal.
Here are just a few from a long list:
* Sometimes my DD irritates me and I smack or yell at her.
* I regret marrying my husband as he does nothing around the house.
* I enjoy working 4 days a week.
* I love the fact that my husband is now on night shift and it can be days without seeing him as he is gone by the time I get home from work.
* I have good ice cream I hide at the back of the freezer.
* I still resent my husband for going to the in laws house and leaving me alone when in labour with DD.
* I hate my in laws. They are money hungry scabs.
* Sometimes my mum irritates me although she helps out by looking after DD.
* I too run around cleaning like a crazy person before people come over and then apologise for the mess.
* I often talk myself down in front of others just to have them say nice things to me.
* I say yes to doing too many things then get irritated about having to do them.
* I hate having sex with hubby. It is the worst minute of my life lately.
* 2 years ago (before DD) I went on a weeknd away with the girls but told hubby it was a work conference. AND LOVED IT!!
* Planning to do the same thing this year (see above).
wow, that feels better!!!

I also have spending sprees but then yell at hubby for wasting money if he does the same thing
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double sorry
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i'll admit that sometimes i have a short fuse with my dd & yell at her a little 2 much when i have a bad day sad I'll also admit that i spend 2 much time on the computer sometimes & i love that my dd can put her own dvd's on & watch them lol.
i'll admit that sometimes i have a short fuse with my dd & yell at her a little 2 much when i have a bad day sad I'll also admit that i spend 2 much time on the computer sometimes & i love that my dd can put her own dvd's on & watch them lol.
I love this thread!!! some of the confessions have made me laugh my bum off and others have made me teary!

* I actually enjoy it when DH is away for work, life is sooooo much easier.

* I'm unsure how long DH and I will be together, we are still going through a really rough patch

* I have a secret stash of chocolate that I bring out at night when everyone is in bed

* I get so depressed around the time of my period that sometimes I wish I wasn't alive, then a few days later I'm ok again

* I think I have a problem with over spending

* I love food, it's all dream about all day, I plan in advance what i want then obsess over it lol

ok i have more.

I admit that i used to binge eat and purge. Alot.

I admit that i still do it, but only sometimes.

I admit that i had a boyfriend who once told me no one would ever like me for me. I still believe this to be true.
I confess....

-I'm still diappointed my dad never took me to disneyland because he promised me through out primary school
-I hate my husbands drinking and smoking, but i love him too much to leave him or even threaten.
-I think my husbands a tool when he is drunk and i dont like being seen with him in public (while drinking) cause he is embaressing
-I never cheated on my husband, altho he thinks i have from one specific incident where i had the opportunity
-I wish my husband knew how much i loved him and how much i care.. then he would understand why i nag and worry about him.
-Im jealous my sister is overseas right now and i'm even more jealous cause she saw Rachel McAdams in real life (my all time fav actress)
-Sometimes I think i should've been gay, men are annoying and i think women are sexier.

i'll admit i don't like 2 of my neices they a rude and need to be taught some manners


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I confess, I do get jealous when others are preg (again) and IVF isnt working for us

i'll admit to that when trying for dd


lol this had been a great thread! Now i have Ushers Confession song in my head.. thanks!!
Okaii where do i start lol lol
*I hate one of my SIL and her children i cringe when they visit and do a happy dance when they leave.
*I think my FIL is a D***head and i hate it when he even talks to DS
*Iv been tempted to smack ds on several occasions..but locked him in his playpen until i was cool calm and collected.
*NOOOOOOO seems to be the most used word in this house.
* DS has hot chips once a week as a treat, he has also had cereal for dinner a few times because i couldnt be botherd cooking.
*i cheated on my ex with his best friend on and off for 4 years.. NOBODY knows about this.. and the guilt still gets to me.
* i look forward to putting DS to bed at night.. then when it comes morning i cant wait for him to wake..then i wish it was nap time..

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