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Confessions or secrets?? Lock Rss

I'll admit that i have momentary thoughts that i wish i didn't have my boys (or at least waited a little longer)...

I'll admit that i don't have one true, close best friend that i can trust and rely on no matter what and who i can tell all my secrets too knowing they would never tell another soul...

I'll admit that depite saying i would NEVER smack my children i have on occasions...

I'll admit that depsite all the day's where i wish i could run away and never come back, i could NEVER leave my children behind and wouldn't give them up for the world!

Posted by: Izaak*and*Kyans*Mum
I'll admit that i don't have one true, close best friend that i can trust and rely on no matter what and who i can tell all my secrets too knowing they would never tell another soul...

Me too! I used to have heaps of friends and several extremely close friends but then things went to hell and I stopped talking to them all and I've made a few friends since but none that I see all the time or that I can tell anything too.

I'll admit that sometime I wish I didnt have my kids so close together.

I'll admit that I am finding it hard to love Ethan at the moment.

I'll admit I want to run away for a while

I'll admit that i wish 2011 would hurry up so the kids can go to school

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

I also confess that there is always a child sleeping in bed with us every night.
-I have smacked numerous times
-I do on occasion swear in front of my kids (never at them)
-We had weet bix for dinner 2 nights ago
-I on occasions didnt walk away from my smoking husband when i was pregnant (but felt bad afterwards)
-I had ONE glass of wine when pregnant with Jayden (on our wedding night).
-I contemplated having an abortion with Brody
-I always buy my kids a chocolate when i go to the shops
-I buy expensive icecream and hide it from the kids and my Husband

hrmmm... this topic has really got me thinking!

I stumbled across this thread and I can relate to lots of the posters.

I admit that at the moment I'm favouring my ds more then my dd.I feel terrible for admitting it but he is just at a so much easier stage then her.7 months verus a moany, trantrum throwing nearly 3yo.

I admit that sometimes I look at df and think I'm only with you because you knocked me up.

I'm such a horrible person sometimes.

i will admit i did type up my secrets, but i cannot post them. i feel horrid. but all is okay now smile

i admit that i have a baby blanket on the end of my bed, just for the cat! (no the kids dont use it)

double post,
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I do smack my children for dispiplin, not hard but enough to know, I was brought up with being smack, most of my family was, but i dont beat my children or leave marks

i admit my son drives me Friggin insane, and he knows how to do it,

i drive and sms at the same time

i sometimes wish i could run away, but in the same time i couldnt do it to my kids

I cheated on my ex over a period of time, But i still miss him

I have tried smoking, taking drugs wen i was young

I use run muck at night wen i was 14, 15 and my parents dont know

i slept with a guy who was 13 years older me wen i was 15 ( young and silly)

im addicted to facebook way to much.

I love chocolate, i can eat a whole block,

my list can go on

I've got a terrible confession to make today. I lost my cool totally with DS1 and yelled straight in his face.

ive seen how you are with those kids and honestly your an angel mum. i doubt he will remmeber it, cause you are sooooo awesome with them...

sorry the stupied crying babys came up, didnt think my post went through

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