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DF and I...after 9 and a half years together have finally become engaged! Im not one for the big white dress and 100s of people making a fuss so we are getting married at the registry office. That was the decision DF n I made, we are more than happy with that...Especially as we had no intention of getting married, but things in life have made us re-think that decision.

DFs family is disgusted at the registry office wedding. Recently 2 of his cousins were married and went the whole huge wedding thing, so now that is expected of us too.

We had planned to get married at the registry office then celebrate with family n friends by having a party afterwards. Very simple and inexpensive.

MIL had her parents are abit put out because they want the big occassion, but to be honest with the house and 3 kids we really cant afford it, nor do we want it. We want to be married infront of our 3 kids and 2 friends who will be our witnesses.

MIL is painful at the best of times and has a nack for turning everything into a discussion about how her n FIL are now divorced...even when we announced our engagement she started on the "your father and I were happily married for 26 years before he up and left without a word" blah blah blah

My family is more than happy to let DF and I have our way n they will join the celebrations afterwards.

So has anyone had a registry office wedding?? Did you regret it?? Will my MIL make my life miserable forever because I didnt give her the dream wedding she wanted??

(MIL only has sons and DF and I are the only ones who are engaged yet, her other son does have a GF but he wont propose to her yet LOL. So she has all her dreams pinned on me.)

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I wasn't married in a registry so I cant help with that question, but how you and your DF celebrate your wedding day should be your decision.

Would you consider still having a small wedding with a celebrant maybe in a park or in the back yard even?

If MIL doesn't like your choice then tough titties IMO! Im sure her life will return to normal and she wont bear too many scars once the day is over.

I have 4 words for you "YOUR WEDDING YOUR CHOICE"

nothing more needs to be said!!
My bro and SIL were married in a registry office thingy, but this place had a small chapel type area where they could get the simple wedding but have the family there too..
After they had a piss up at their place.

DH and I got married in a registry office - it was just us, the celebrant and the photographer and his wife as our witnesses..
I do want a bit more of a do, specially as our family wasn't there, so on our 10 yr anniversary we'll renew our vows and have a big thing then...

It's your wedding/marriage - do it however you want to do it!!
I guess I just dont want to have the arguments over who is invited and who isnt invited. My family is HUGE so there is bound to be arguments between the family. My sisters are already put out because I said if we were to have a proper wedding neither of them would be my maid of honor (I would have asked my very best friend). Our familys are VERY different also. DFs family are all very proper where my family is very laid back, casual, likes to have a good time. My family gets along with our friends where DFs think they are slightly "above" everyone else.

We decided it would be easier to get married by ourselves, just do a word of mouth invite to a "BBQ" at our house then announce we are married (with the exception of DFs grandparents we would tell them cos they are old and might not come for just a BBQ).

Mummy to 3 little goblins

Do what is right for you not what is right for your family.

We are planning on getting married on the beach, telling our immediate family and close friends when and where and if anyone would like to fly over and join us that is their choice. I don't want a big wedding, we are both shy and hate the idea of being the centre of attention and anyone who is desperate to come can but it should be nice and tiny as we'll only be inviting 30 people max and most probably wouldn't want the cost of flights and accommodation. We are doing the same as you and having a big celebration when we get back home for non immediate family and friends so no one feels left out.

Good luck with it all!!
Thanks everyone...MIL just has the nack of making me feel horrid when I choose to go against her wishes...Its hard as shes really the only babysitter we have and we rely on her atleast twice a week when our schedule overlaps. But if shes cranky with us she all of a sudden becomes unavailable which makes things difficult LOL!

Mummy to 3 little goblins

Posted by: *~lauren~*
I have 4 words for you "YOUR WEDDING YOUR CHOICE"

nothing more needs to be said!!

I so agree with this!!! My MIL made the run up to our wedding day hell, by causing a sh1tfight between DH's sister's and us (because we weren't inviting kids, anybody's and they did not like that at all!!), but we still ended up having the day we wanted and it was great.

DH's sisters have only started to talk to us in the last 12 months though, so took a couple of years to get over it, well 2 of them have, 1 of them will hate us forever, but we couldn't give a contnenital (SP?).

Do want YOU and DF want, not want everyone else thinks you should!
Do whatever you want to do.

If your mil complains about how her marriage failed, why doesn't she understand that you don't feel the need to spend a fortune on your wedding. I don't get it.

My sister had a small wedding, approx 50 was on her husbands cousins property but he water with a pretty good priced caterer. All up that still cost them $50000, plus the money my mum spent on buyng gazebos, alcohol ect.

To me, when you have been together so long already with kids, it's just a waste of money. Our wedding will probably be on a family trip to fiji or something like that. Very nice smile


I worked with someone who did exactly what you are doing.
They actually got married in her lunch break LOL then had a party. Said it was the best thing she ever did.
I say go for it. You have chosen the most important people to be there in your eyes.
Dont have the big wedding just for MIL sake. Unless she wants to pay for it
i swear to friggen god girly i better be at that registry office!!! tash can be ur 'proper witness but i wanna see it!! lol

seriosuly, fluck val, shes had her wedding.......the way she wanted it, now u can have urs the way u want!

my sis tash got married at a park by a celebrant. that was nice and small and inexpensive!

DH and I got married at our local courthouse about 6 weeks ago, after almost 7 years together. We done it on a weekday, and just had our parents with us. It was quick, easy, inexpensive, and over in less than 10minutes. Neither DH or I have any regrets, as it was what we wanted.

I think my parents were a little disappointed we didnt have a big wedding, but were pretty understanding, and could see our point of view. There were a few others that sort of said "oh. We want to come", but we just stuck to our guns. The only thing we budged on was the celebration afterward lol. Id have been happy to have just had a BBQ, but it ended up a bit more extravagant.

We hired a function room, put on the bar, had a few trays of nibblies, a cake, and handed out bonbonierre when people left. We also had a wishing well, which ended up almost covering the cost of the whole night. And a friend made a slideshow with photos from our wedding day. Everyone had a really good time.

Definately just do what you want to do smile

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