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Hi all

After a very rough 12 months i decided to knuckle down and try and find my Dad whom i have never met before, he cam and saw me the day i was born and that was it!

I have got his sister in laws number sitting in front of me and have tried to have the conversation in my head about a billion times lol but everytime i try and pick up the phone to call i chicken out:) Im scared what if he doesnt want to see me Im worried Im going to cause trouble if his family doesnt know about me I know he is married and his wife knows only because my mum and her where friends at the time i was born. No wthis has taken along time for me to get anywhere!

What the heck do i say to this women
ARRGGGGGHHH Maybe i just wont call its so nerve racking
So any tips on what i should say or if i should just leave things be would be very much appreciated smile

I have never been in this situation sorry, but my advice is to just go ahead and call. What have you got to loose?

If his family doesnt know about you dont blame yourself, that is his fault for never telling them. Just call and explain who you are. If you feel emotional like you might cry just say that right at the start.

Good luck, I really hope it works out but if it doesnt hey, you tried and did the right thing xoxo

i was in the same situation where i didnt know who my mum was and when i was 15 i decided to make contact with her yes she is cold towards me but i feel better now that i really got to know that person and things that i didnt know.

like the other post said i think you should just call and tell her who you are, if she hangs up on you well at least youve tried, is that the only way you can get in contact with him? do you know where he works ?

what ever your decision is i wish you luck and i really hope you can get a relationship with your father.


Thanks you both!

This is the first time I have even gotten close to finding him so its a bit of a shock!

I will most likely make the call sometime today maybe lol

No advice or help to you sorry.

Just wanted to wih you all the best with what lies ahead. I hope it all goes well!!

I'd just make the call- No idea what I'd say but even if I planned something to say it would probably all get muddled up anyway!

If you don't call you'll be forever wondering 'what if'
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