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GO!!! Lock Rss

Since the new channel GO had started up, i can't stop watching it and become hooked on shows like "big bang theory" and the old time favourites. Am i alone and alil crazy or not? Does anyone else watch this channel? Whats your favourite show?


no, free to air. I would like to have foxtel.

I am loving the reruns of Seinfeld. Also Tuesday "trash tv" night - Survivor, the Bachelor and the Bachelorette!
My kids love it!!!!

and its free!!!!

your not the only one hooked, we watch big bang theory - ds loves the music and dances to it everytime, then claps yelling yah. df watches reruns of seinfield

Ooooohhh Cool, will have to check it out then. I quite like Big Bang Theory, love Sheldon, he cracks me up. LOL

Pugbrat, check it out. They have some good shows on.

I hang out for the nights when big bang theory is 3 epsoides back to back. Then if i'm home, i'll watch the re-runs of the show during the day. Plus i've got order the season 1 of big bang theory on dvd.

DH loves the seinfeld re-runs but it hates how i program the tv so we watch what i want. hehe

My kids are loving The Flintstones and The Jetsons .
DD is also watching I Dream of Jeannie, dd calls it her free foxtel lol

Miss Lilybelle 7 & Master Charlie Jasper 4

Seinfeld, and I also love the 3 hours of CSI every Saturday night!

Bachelor & Bachelorette.. but I think one or both finished last week??? Only just discovered it a few weeks ago lol.

Survivor is ok.

Luving the re-runs of Jetsons & Flintstones lol.
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