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does a 3 yr old think it is a good idea to paint herself, the bed, her sister cot and her sister with nappy rash cream. All this after they have been put to bed.

the cream was hidden in a bag.
our girls must be kindred spirits!! my 2.5yo does these things all the time, She is the only one of my kids that finds it amusing to do this too, and i guess when its someone elses child doing it,its kinda funny, but when its you cleaning it all up and cursing under your breath, it really isnt humerous at the time at all...
Guess your little 3yr old wasnt quite ready for bed! lol

Hailey (2yrs) painted her face with sunscreen the other morning, she was WHITE!!! It was everywhere! grrrr

3 Little Ones to Love.....

my kids painted the couch with nappy rash cream and its a dark purple couch so that was fun to clean off lol

my ds loves "cream" he has excema so its good that he will let me put the excema cream on him, but he is always finding alternative creams

liquid soap
nappy rash cream
nannys foot cream
" " eye cream
" " hand cream
facial scrub
daddys shaving lotion
hair mouse

he will lather himself up in just about any liquid and will search high and low (mostly high cos hes a little monkey an climbs into all the cupboards) to find them.

least yours are girls lol

My 3yo was being very quiet a few weeks ago, when I went to check on her she was sitting on the lounge with a tub of margarine, she had smothered her arms and legs and was eating it out of the tub. Yesterday she painted the bathroom vanity with toothpaste.

Hahahaha sorry but it reminds me of when my older 2 were little. They had a love of talc powder. If they could get to it they would empty the container and i would have a snowstorm in their room.

Lol gotta love them....

last time they got into the powder and nappy rash cream
My DS has a love of cream too, and finds it anywhere.

Lip cream is his favourite, but goes all over him, not just his lips. He's painted himself & the bathroom in vaseline (that was fun to clean off as its so oily) etc.

He goes to daycare one day a week and a fews weeks ago the carer told me that Ben had needed to do a wee at rest time, so she told him "go do a wee, I'll come and check on you in a minute", which is normal cos he's toileting independently now. She went in a minute later to find him lathering himself in nappy rash cream from the change table. Finding the cream became more exciting than doing a wee!!

I guess in hindsight its very amusing, just the clean up's not as funny.

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

My DS1 did this two weeks ago. He painted his little brother in Sudocrem and looked like an indian with stripes all over his little face. It is SO hard to get out, especially since the fact that DS2 has way more hair than ds1!!!!
I have found baby wipes good for the clean up. But I wish I did not have to do it
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