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God Bless all our ANZAC's, past and present. They make us proud every single day. We live in this beautiful country, thanks to them.

May we never forget the sacrifices they made. Please also spare a thought for our millitary personnel currently serving our country.

Lest We Forget
so true. this is one of the only occasions that is not commercialised. if anyone has family who died in the wars or is serving our country now, my thoughts are with you.

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

Good on you sharon, god help us that we ever forget those brave men and women.

My son will def know about it as my Great, Great Aunt was captured in Singapore as a nurse and spent 3 yrs in Japan as a prisoner of war, she never had children.

My Uncle was in Korea and had a nervous breakdown and also never married or had children.

We are so very lucky and i hope one day Owen will go to the march with me and hopefully he'll understand what a supreme sacrifice they all made.

god bless em all.


new mum

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