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Growing pains?? Lock Rss

Who knows what about them??

DD has just woken up complaining of a sore leg, between the ankle to the knee, but only in one leg.... does this sound like growing pains??? She hasn't had any accidents, I have checked for swelling/bruising and there is none, the calf is a little tighter, but not like cramp...
How do you treat them (growing pains)... what do you do, could this be a attention thing or are they real??

I can't cope with this crap at the moment (I know I sound mean but man I'm shattered, fell worse than when the kids were newborns), they've both sick all week and I've had no sleep, now I'm sick and she is not happy... how can I help her, I gave her some pamol and put a heat pack on it, what more is there??
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My Ds suffers from the same thing he tends to wake up during the night screaming I used a heat pack and nurofen . I asked my gp and he said growing pains and to just do what ive been doing

Sounds exactly what DS gets. He has had growing pains for a while. I use a hot water bottle for him. Although recently i had compression socks reccomended to me (the type you wear for long flights) and they work for him.

This same thing has happened to my DD about 4 times in the last month or so. I just give her some panadol and a heat pack too and she goes back to sleep. But the last couple of days she has mentioned during the day that her leg is sore (its only ever one). But yeah i put it down to growing pains.

Growing pains are real, I used to get them when I was in primary school.. They really did hurt! But I got them behind my knees. I can't remember doing anything for them, I normally got them later at night so going to sleep (was hard!) was the only thing I could do.

I remember getting growing pains - they hurt!!

This might sound weird.... but what about trying bananas. Eating them that is. I remember reading somewhere that if you get leg cramps at night, you could need more potassium (I think it was). I remember that too, during pregnancy to eat bananas to help prevent leg cramping.

I know they are different problems, but it might help - maybe.
I remember getting growing pains.. i got mine behind my knees. My brother got his in his heel and up the back of his leg. They are very common. BUT THEY HURT!! I don't think there is a lot you can do about them though unfortunately.

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