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DS is 2 an every since he was a baby has sweat like theres no tomorrow... He ll sweat through winter an freezing cold weather. He is sooo thirsty all the time, he frequently urinates. Last night he woke during the night screaming an crying an asking for a drink... Now this had me worried cos I know how well hydrated he is. So last meal was at 8pm last night last drink of water at 1am no breakfast hes sugar was done an it was 7.3.. This is heading towards high isnt it after so long between meals. Going to Dr tomorrow just thought someone can help me out??

a fasting bsl should be betweem 5 and 6. After food should be less than 8. I would be seeing the gp to have his bloods done to check for type 1.
If you have any questions please feel free to pm me, Im a type 1 diabetic. Try not to stress, treatment for diabetes has become much more advanced in the last few years.
good luck smile

it is a little high for a fasting BSL. I would make an appointment for the doctor to get some blood tests done

I think this article will be very helpful to you I hope I've been helpful!
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