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Oh my goodness...!!!!! Lock Rss

Our dogs are coming home!!!!!! I finally got a call from the radio station - someone had rung and said they have had the dogs since Friday and they're now bringing them back to us!

It's all a bit suspicious considering they both had our phone numbers on them, but I don't care and wont give them a hard time - I'm just so happy they are ok!! Last night I finally accepted that they were dead, so when I got this call I just started bawling and couldn't talk. lol

Must be like someone suggested - that if someone's kept them they'll soon get sick of them cuz they're such a handful! lol

I still can't believe it.. maybe when they get here I'll believe it - although I'll probably cry again! lol

that is so wonderful!!! I am thrilled for you! I can only imagine how traumatic and stressful the last few days have been.
omg thats fantastic!!!
Fantastic! Im so glad for you. Now, what are you going to do to keep them in now?
great news!
Posted by: *pookibum*
Fantastic! Im so glad for you. Now, what are you going to do to keep them in now?

Her bedroom?? lol

That's so awesome, I'm really happy to hear you're getting them back! Perhaps they need to go to doggy
Im a bit scared about that pooki... we're going to try running an electric wire around the top of their enclosure so that getting out over the top isn't an option. I'm pretty sure there's NO other way they can get out of that one seeing as there is double fencing, as well as fencing buried under the ground so they can't dig.

These dogs are so spoiled... they have the nicest enclosure, it's 50 meters square with lots of trees for shade, and even has a sand pit and a kids swimming pool seeing as they love the beach - why don't they want to stay??!!

if they get out again, I just have no clue what else to try - any suggestions? A run doesn't work... if they can't break the wire, the chain or pull the posts out they just break their collars trying - and I can't find collars that dont break as the buckles always give out on them.

That's fantastic!

We're in the process of finding another way to keep our maltese poodle in. When they want to, dogs are so bl00dy good at getting out!

She's chewed through the leads and rope we've used to tie her up and the chicken wire under the fence! Dug holes under the chicken wire under the fence too!

I'm so glad your dogs are back.

YIPPEE! So happy they are safe!

Hope you can find a way to keep them in.
I don't know how old they are, but would some sort of dog school help? I don't even know how they work, but they might have some suggestions for you!

My previous "in her bedroom" post doesn't make sense because I didn't read the post properly. I thought she said "where are you going to keep them?" so sorry about that...
The only thing I can suggest is concrete flooring, metal fencing where the top angles in towards the enclosure, like at the zoo. Perhaps you can leave a larger grassed square in the middle of the enclosure.
lol ren.. actually they WILL be inside until we get this fence wired. lol

as for the doggie school.... where do I start! haha

Have you watched that movie (or read the book) Marley and me?? Well... ziggy is 8 years old, and he's like that dog. I tried puppy school when he was younger, and he got kicked out cuz there was no controlling him - and he embarrased the trainer when she tried to take over and also failed. LOL

Georgie is actually very well trained - I trained her with everything, and she's excellent at doing what she's told- but I just can't get her to stay home. It's because 2 together just keep pushing each other - it's like putting 2 naughty children together.

Hubby wants to give one away still... and I did try, even advertised her but then couldn't go through with it. I am going to have to try again though because I do know that it's better than her getting shot...

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