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It is just so final !! Lock Rss

Death I mean !!

My SIL was late 40's two young kids (15 and 11) absolutly everything to live for ..she had friends who surrounded that adored her ..a community that loved and needed her ....

and now nothing ...I have a hole in my heart and I dont know how to fill it ...

she is gone and I still drop my jaw when I think about it heart still misses a beat when I think about it heart hurts when I think of my BIL who now has to live the rest of his life with out his wife and best friend !! ....I cant breath properly when I remember the noise that came out of that little boys mouth when he was told "Mum's gone mate " I just cant get that out of my head ...he cried so much he was phycially sick ...he is such a shy and reserved little man ..I cant even imagine what is going through his head !! ....I dont want to !!

no point to this ...just rambling !!

what beautiful words and thoughts that you have written here i dont know how you all will get through it but some how over time you will

They are blessed to have you in their lives you sound very conpasionate, loving and caring (((GBH)))) to you and all that have lost a wonderful person


Awww Frankie (((big hugs)))

God that takes me back to when I was 15 and lost mum. I actually thought Dad was joking when he told me and that she was magically all better - stupid hey.

Bloody cancer is just not fair.

You are being such an amazing Aunty being there for the kids and your BIL - all you can do is be there for them. And all you can do is give yourself time and permission to grieve aswell.

Lots of love

It's just not fair sometimes...

I'm not sure how to put what i want to say into the right words, but im sorry for all of your family's loss.

If there is anything i can do, just let me know...

I am so sorry to hear this news! I had goosebumps reading the beautiful words you had written... GBH to you and your family.
Big hugs mate. Life is just not fair some times. Thinking of you all at this hard time.
I'm so sorry Frankie. xoxo

Life just sucks.

I feel so deeply for anyone that loses a family member, but when its a mum or a dad, it just makes it all that more worse. Those poor lil kiddies, i would be so lost without my mum or dad, let alone how a little one would be feeling without their mum or dad!

Big Hugs to you Frankie! xx

3 Little Ones to Love.....

Im so sorry.

I hope that your heart can be filled with wonderful memories of a lovely friend.

Oh that poor little boy, it breaks my heart.

Take it easy, thinking of you all at this very sad time.

Mr Reed born 20/1/2010. Too cute smile

Im sorry your family has gone through this.
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