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Can you tell me any? I want to research pricing a bit before trying to convince DH, but have no idea where to start. Tarago is the only thing that comes to mind!
Kia Carnival

Or Honda odyssey or Hyundai Imax

We have a Honda Odyssey. Sits 3 in middle and 2 in back... and of course 2 in front so 7 in total. At the moment we have DS1 and DD in the middle and DS2 in the back...

Our Landcruiser has two seats that you can install in the boot which takes it up to a 7 seater.
Pretty sure cars like pajeros, patrols etc do the same..
Yeah our Pajero has 2 seats in the rear that fold into the floor, so its a 7 seater. You can get 7 seater ford territorys too but these kind of cars leave NO boot space when the rear seats are up

we have a 7 seat kia carnilal but we'r up grading to a grand carnival they have 8 seats

my 3 babies ds4 dd1-3 and dd2-1

We bought a Toyota Prado 7mths ago, it has 8 seats. we love it, but if the back row of seats up there is no luggage space. We decided to get it because we regularly drive 200km on dirt roads

we have a Mitsubishi nimbus it's 7 seater and we have a Mitsubishi starwagon van 8 seater the middle seats can turn facing the rear too duel aircon too we love it hehe

Alot of the Landcruises and pajeros you can get to have 3 seats right in the back so it makes it an 8 seater.
My mum has a Ford Territoy. It seats 7 as well. 2 in the front, 3 in the middle and 2 in the back. The 2 seats in the back fold flat into the floor when your not using them to give you boot space. When the back 2 seats are up, there isnt a lot of space, but mum can still fit her stroller in there.
I've got a 7 seat Toyota Kluger. When the back row is up there isn't heaps of space in the boot but I can fit my stroller in plus some shopping no worries. It's a beautiful car to drive and park, and is great towing a van/boat and on the beach. I have no regrets buying it, it's a perfect family car.
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