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how to find out if an online business is legitimate or scam?? Lock Rss

hey all,

just wondering how i go about seeing if a business is legitimate or a scam... im potentially about to handover a large sum of money in return for a service and im trying to find out if they are fair dinkum and arent just going to disappear with my money and not provide what they are supposed to...

lol, i know that doesnt make sense but can anyone make sense of it enough to offer a suggestion or two..

thanks all

Beginning my work from home adventure

All businesses should be registered and have an ABN can you search to see if the company is registered for a start.

and then try googling to see if anyone else has had experience with the company and what they have said about it
thanks Abs.. yes they do have an ABN.. does that make it more reliable.. i'm trying to google to find out but havent come up with anything as yet.

thanks heaps for your suggestion

Beginning my work from home adventure

When you look up the ABN you can then click the link to check ASIC as well.
ok i looked them up, they are registered as a proprietary company... since May 09 and have changed registered address for the company..

so... all being said, it looks ok so far??

sorry to be a pain, its just a big leap for us and i want to be sure we are starting off right

Beginning my work from home adventure

It's really easy to get an ABN, I used to have one when I had my own business. I wouldn't rely on just that.

You can go on the ACCC website and do a search to find out if they are legitimate, if they don't come up then you can contact them and ask, they are really helpful over the phone.
It isn't a business that sells a type of health product and health shakes is it? I lost about $2000 through this company!
thanks gkn... i did a search but i couldnt find them.. i'll try and contact them and ask.. i didnt know you could do that.. cheers

Beginning my work from home adventure

no gkn, i want to purchase an online business from them... they set it all up, i just pay for it and buy stock and off I go...

that really sucks that you lost $2000!! that is what im trying to avoid
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Beginning my work from home adventure

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