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I just found these nightlights on the web - I'm probably way behind and everyone already knows about them lol!

Very expensive but I'm so tempted to splurge for the boys once the baby bonus kicks in <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>]

Stunning! and yes, just a little expensive ;P

gorgeous, though i liked all the expensive options when doing mock design lol.

They are beautiful and yes pricey...have saved it to my favourites and when I have some extra cash will get my DD one..

i dont actually like them. lol

im just designing one now, to see if they grow on me.

nice but expensive. I don't think they are worth anywhere near that much!
They're really really nice although I agree a bit pricey....might have to start saving lol.
oooh they are very nice though! I think if you went with the right font, its something your boys could have in their rooms even as teenagers.
Wow they look fantastic i want one lol

DD1 likes the dark but I think DD2 NEEDS one!
Apologies to anyones "wish list" that I've added to lol!

DH still wants to get Judd a dinosaur nightlight that he's seen. But like what was mentioned above I think we'd get more years use out of this even if it is 4 times the price eeek!

The script writing would be beautiful for little girls though!

Hell, I was expecting them to be $5-600 judging by the reactions in this thread! LOL I would pay that for sure. The only prob is that my kids share a room and it might be a little bright with both of them in there!
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