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Honest opinions please! Lock Rss

OMG,I made 2 pages,lol!

Thanks so much to everyone.
I think number 1 is the winner but with plain tights.I only had those on for the photo as I really need new ones but haven't bought them yet and will just get a plain bottomed pair!
I already have jiffies to wear at the concert as those heels will KILL me during the show and as I will have no one in front of me I won't get stomped on!

I will definately get some jewellry too smile
I just hope now I don't look to old in it being 36!

Posted by: Zachsmum
Both look great on you. I would wear plain stockings on both of them though. You have an awesome figure.

Lucky you meeting Rob Thomas. Do you know what you will say to him? I've never met anyone famous that i liked and I've always wondered to myself what would I say if given the chance to meet them? What would I say that they haven't already heard before?

Do you rekon you'll get to have a conversation or just a quick hi and a photo?

Have lots of fun smile

I have no idea what I am going to say! I just hope I don't seem stupid and starstruck! I have seriously loved him forever and now meeting him will be great!
In a way I hope its just a quick hi and a photo so I have less of a chance to make a fool of myself,lol!

first look. great figure!
i agree with stephanea that the first one is the best and i wouldnt change a thing. i am very jealous because you not only get to meet him but have a body like that after children!
All of you have honestly put my self esteem through the roof! THANKYOU!!!!

I am so happy that I started this thread,I was freaking out about it but now I feel heaps better!

Thanks again,you are all awesome!

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