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Wrong section i know but looking for answers about VITEX Lock Rss

Hi All

I am just wondering have any of you ever taken Vitex to help with Fertility? I have done so much research and am very confused. Some places it mentions miss carriages etc.

The last thing i want is to miscarriage.

Any info would be great.

I am already taking EPO but i only take that till i ovulate.
I started taking Vitex after my 2nd chemical pregnancy before Wil - my cycle had gone completely AWOL and I was willing to try anything.

I took it for 3 weeks and whammo got huge ovulation pains - after I knew I ovulated I reduced the amount I took for the following week. Only took 1 tablet every second day to gradually ween off it and then stopped all together.

And now I have Wil ?

God only knows if it was a coincidence of not but hey it can't hurt to try.

So if you do take it only take it until ovulation too or reduce the amount afterwards and as soon as you get a BFP make sure you stop all together.

Ok thanks for that. I will give it ago. smile
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