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Have never used iTunes, but have a iMac and have copied music from CD onto it but never downloaded online.

Before I go to the iTunes website, do I need to go shopping to buy and iTunes card or can I just pay for it online when downloading the song?


Is OVER rude people

I have my credit card registered with the ITunes store so I just pay as I go smile

Good luck and have fun with it smile

currently being updated please check back later.

I do not know, i have never used I-Tunes...

But i have a question,why pay for songs when you can get them for free??

I use, no bugs on there and sooo many free songs

Thanks Pinky.

Mummy2beauties, I am doing a photo montage and want to make sure I get a high quality copy of the song. Thanks for the heads up on frostwire though.

Is OVER rude people

Hi Lil possum and jack,

The majority of the songs that I have downloaded are good quality, only had a couple that were not...def worth looking at.

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