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Miners Alive?!?! Lock Rss


I just heard on the news that the 2 missing miners from Beaconsfield in Tas have been confirmed alive?!?! Channel 7 says it is unconfirmed but Channel 9 says it is confirmed!

Just hearing this has made me emotional as I can only imagine the pain the families have been going through over the past 5 days.

I only hope that this news is true and that the miners are alive and come out safetly!

I know how amazing for those men and families! The wait must have been sheer hell. I saw the channel nine broadcast and it said it was confirmed and they would soon be enroute to hospital.

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On Sunrise this morning Mel and Kochie were interviewing one of the miners family and they said that they wanted to clear up that they didn't ask for the footy scores, that it was made up. They also said that there were many rumours flying around and none of it should be believed whole heartedly.

I am hoping that they come out fine. Yes they are alive, but they still have to get out yet. I will have my fingers crossed for them. My heart goes out to the family of the miner that did not survive.

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Wow. Remember this??
WOW thats scary

Hey mary
You made me think it had happened again!!! Thank God not. But it is a flashback all right.
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