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Freakin out..... Lock Rss

Hi all
I dont come on here much anymore but I really need to get this of my chest coz im freaking out, sorry if there is TMI
But i have no-one else to talk too!!

The last couple of days i have noticed that my ahhh vagina has been very tender now at first i put this down to hubby and I having a lot of "alone time" hehe to put i nicely lol
But just now i have found a lump very close to the inside of my giny it very painful I then thought ingrown hair but with further inspection with a mirror I cant see any ingrown hairs and the lump is under the skin.....

So I will be making a docs appointment in the morning,
Has anyone ever had anything similar if so what did it turn out to be?
Iam sick with worry I Just need some reassurance...........

Ouchies! I am still going with an ingrown hair. If not that maybe just a pimple/boil? Go and get it checked, I am sure it isn't anyting too serious especially if it is painful!
i too would say ingrown hair
i had something that sounded like what you are going through last week
i was very tender, then one spot in particular was painful then it appeared with a ingrown hair that got slightly infected...
it took about 4 days to make its appearance too!

I am going with ingrown hair too. Get it check out just to be on the safe side.
I had a small pimple like lump there too.. It's hard to explain where lol, not inside inside but not on the outside.. It was really tender to touch or if anything rubbed against it and was really red but it went away on it's own after a few days. I hope yours is something simple and nothing to worry about.

I know when my friend was preg she had a vaginal cyst. I think its like a hormonal thing though because she was told that they are pretty common in preg, but I am not saying you are!

Maybe its an inflammed gland?
Thanks guys
Iam hoping ingrown hair aswell!!
I guess finding a lump anywhere just sends off panic signals
Cant wait to see the doc tomorrow

Hi, I get beinign (not sure of spelling, hehe) cysts, which are painful but are basically nothing!!! I've had them checked and they are normal, I get them mainly when I'm run down or too much "alone time", hehe. Get it checked but I'd put my money on that smile
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