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Do I have a heart of stone because I didn't cry on DS's 1st day @ school Lock Rss

Today DS1 started school & I've had a couple of comments because I haven't shed a tear.
I got the lip wobblies when I was ironing his uniform last week & a couple of other times but I really didn't feel the need to cry today. I can't feel sad about it when he is so excited about going & has been really ready & testing me for the last 6 months!

i think its good you can hold it all in.

im a sook on a good day lol. i get quite emotional over anything

Hi there,
My DS1 is starting school on Wednesday so i cant really tell you how i went yet!! LOL

However, 2 months ago when we were having information nights etc at the school, i cried on & off for like 3 days but didnt know why!! No doubt it had to do with him starting!! LOL

So in saying that, heres hoping i dont cry!!!!

No, you dont have a heart of stone for not crying!!!! In fact, good on you!!!!
I know heaps of mums that didnt cry on the 1st day!!!!
So, ignore them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope your lil man had a great day at school!!!!

P.S. I hope i dont cry;) ha!!!!!!

DS1,5yrs,DS2 2.5yrs..I love my beautiful boys!!

Dont worry I didnt cry either..
I also got a bit teary when i got his uniform etc etc a few months ago.

And today was a happy day.. I was looking forward to the break. Bad I know but how can I cry when he told me I can go home now hehehehehe
If he was scared and crying I think I would of lost it though..

So no you do not have a heart of stone. Your a normal mummy like me hehehe

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

Ive had three different children head off to school and have never cried once. I did get anxious this year with my eldest starting High School but still no tears. I like to see it as a positive thing and I ejoy seeing them so excited. Only one more little one to see off to school (in a few years) lol

Cheers Ness

Good luck for Wed mummycat. DS had a great day & can't wait til tomorrow but he was ready for tea & bed by 5pm haha. Maybe he will sleep in til 7 tomorrow.

DH said there were some sad, crying mummies today but I didn't even see them.

I just keep thinking there is so much that he can now learn & experience but I stressed all day about how much food I'd packed & if he'd remember to eat the right ones at recess & lunch.

Rach .. I kept thinking 1 down, 2 to go!!
I'm still going to be busy without him.

I'm dreading DS1 starting 3 year old kinder because i will bawl my eyes out I don't know why though LOL and that's only 1 HALF day (915-1245) a week so i don't even want to think about primary school!
I didn't either when mine started but felt more emotional at the orientation.When my 3rd son started (in 2008) most of the mums were in tears because it was their 1st one they sent to school, the rest of us with our last ones were ready to party LOL.Mine were not teary either I was lucky to get a wave and a you can go now!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I cried...TEARS OF JOY!! lol, no i didnt cry, but i did get my kids there early, and apologised to the kids teachers but it had been a very long 5 years with my DS who started prep, i really needed to get him Of course i told him i missed him and all those things i am "supposed to do" as a mum, but really, not a tear in sight..

8 babies..5boys 3 girls

Yvette, if I was you I'd be crying that there were still so many at home!
Nice to see you around. How is little bub (sorry I've forgotten his name). Did Sam have a lovely 1st birthday!

hi, well sam is 1 on friday, so we are all looking forward to that, and max is 4 weeks old now, and is awesome.. he is so lovely, but i am a sucker for all babies anyway.. I still have 4 at home even with 4 at should see my kitchen bench in the afternoons with daycare lunchboxes and school lunchboxes ready to be prepped for the next, not to mention DH's lunch that i am preparing as well. i feel like I am hired help in a restuarant..
I really tried to show Sonny some other emotion at prep than sheer delight, but i think he saw right through I have anohter in grade 1, and he really doesnt like school at all, so i was more concerned about him, not enough to warrant a tear though! i also have 1 in year 7, and me eldest is in year 9, gee the time goes so fast once they hit high school, its amazing, i feel old, even though i think i am pretty cool and not embarreseeing i guess kids will always think that all parents are rejects and humiliating I wasnt planning on coming back but i had to reply to your

8 babies..5boys 3 girls

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