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want to come and tend to my kids for the rest of the day so I can go to bed and cry?. Today is a shiitty day.
sad wish I could but by the time I get there it will be a new day or they will be asleep already lol so I'm sending you a (((GBH))) and the day is almost over...hang in there Ricki xo
sorry you are having a bad day may the kids go to bed early so you can have a rest
i admire you as i struggle with two
Big hugs Ricki, hope your ok mate. You do a wonderful job with your 5 gorgeous kids.
Ahh hon I would if I could but about to go and pick up my boys sad

I hope you are ok and that you get a bit of a break tonight to go and have some "you time" you know what I am talking about (and no it is not going tothe toilet lol cause I am sure Rikki knows that is not even sacred)

Chiin up sweets and I hope tomorrow is a better day xx

Leigha''s little men smile

Awwww Ricki I would love to come over and give you a big cuddle and help you out with the kids.... it does get better... just baby steps.... I always break down the first 12 weeks bringing home a new bubs... baby steps...

Be kind to yourself and only do what you need to do... other than that try and get an extra early night sleeps... and tomorrow is a new day...


GBH to you!!!!!!

Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

oh no. GBH I hope your day gets better

thanks girls.. I can always count on you to offer support when I'm feeling down and crappy.
I am just having a crappy few days. If Yesterday was hard enough with the Black Saturday Anniversary and seeing my cousins, tomorrow will be hard too, as it is the anniversary of Dad's death.
Mix that in with tiredness and hormones doing who knows what and I think I just need to write these few days off and start again on Wednesday.

I'll get there though, I always do.
Thanks again my little lovelies!
Always here if you need to chat!!!!!!!!!!

thanks love. I am usually ok once I let it out, writing posts on the forum helps me let it out too - I am well known for using Huggies to let off steam and as a mechanism for helping me cope through the crappy times.
I am going to watch My Kitchen Rules in bed with my older boys...

thanks again for your support though, I really appreciate it.
Hi honey, I always lose it on the anniversary of my dad's death too, and it's been 12 years. And I don't have five kids, one of whom is a newborn. Take a break, let yourself grieve and know you're not alone.
Do you have someone to help? Where are you?
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