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Who here would happily buy a fake Pandora, just as "costume" jewellery? I was just looking on eBay and you can get them for about $20 for a whole gold bracelet with the charms.
Would you buy it?
Yep I would! I was actually bidding on some a month or so ago but someone would always bid at literally the last 5 seconds and I would miss out!
ME ME ME , i have a fake one and you cant tell the difference,
My mums friend does them so i got it from her.

Im not made of money so i cannot justify myself or hubby(eventhough he would never think of it) buying the real deal.

Nope, I only have the real deal.
DP brought me a few of ebay for xmas last year and I gave them to DD

Yes DD1 has a pandora look a like but the charm range from $3 to $10
TesaN, is that from eBay? Or a store? I'd love to get Zoe one (for when she's older, of course!).
I have a silver pandora. Personally i'd rather a real silver one over a fake gold one, but that is just me. I haven't actually seen one of the fakes irl so they might actually be ok.
store in Tassie we have one called lady b.

I am used as rewards for my 3 yr old
I bought a fake pandora bracelet full with charms from a market for $15 a few months back. You can see that its not a real pandora... but I just couldn't warrant the money on a real one when it will more than likely be something that will go out of fashion eventually. Like everything else.

DH brought me a real Pandora silver bracelet this week for my
valentines present Im going to build it slowly I was looking at buying a cheap version but dh wanted me to have a real one I couldnt complain charms start from $30


I wanted a Pandora when they first came out, then everyone had them, and really didnt want one, then I really wanted one because I felt left out because everyone else had one lol lol lol

So I bought the bracelet and a few charms off eBay, never wore it, so I gave the charms out to friends.

Personally, I am LOVING Thomas Sabo charm bracelets at the moment, and they're not too popular yet smile]

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