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sandwiches for 9mth old Lock Rss

i am wanting to try my slmost 9 month old with a sandwich, but was looking for ideas as to what to put on it. i am a bit concerned about the amount of salt in vegemite?? He is allergic to milk, so that cuts cheese or cheese spreads

any ideas????

Vegemite's fine. I usually only put it on thinly anyway!
You could try an apricot jam.
Shredded ham.
Creamed corn.
Smooshed avocado.
Who says it needs to be a sandwich? Chop us some bread into cubes, throw in some small pieces of diced tomato, ham, corn kernels, pineapple or whatever you'd like to try.
You do realise that it will probably be pulled to pieces anyway and end up smooshed over everything!! laugh
But I hope that helps a little! smile

Bannana sambos always went down well here, any kind of jam, vegemite etc.. you could try some tuna / salmon?? Egg sambos also are a winner..

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