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I took my child to a paediatrician yesterday to have his balls check as they haven't stayed down and he tells me that my son has ADD and wants to put him on Ritalin ADHD Medication in a fortnight I'm in shock my son is a quiet child who is a little behind but doesn't goes nuts I'm very scarred to put him on this medication he's only 4 he goes to pre school twice aweek and has a great time there has never been any concerns from his teachers.

Is there anyone on here with any experience on this subject


I haven't had any experience with ADD, but I have had experience as a mum.

Once peice of advice is follow your instincts. Get a second opinion, and always remember he is your child and YOU make the decisions for him, not a doctor.

Goodluck with it all.
no experience sorry but i would be getting a second, third and fourth opinion.
Hmm you went to see him about an undecended teste and he diagnoses ADD?? huh That to me sounds like a script happy Dr especially considering more than a basic consult should be used to diagnose such a condition. I seriously suggest getting a second opinion because my mothers instinct is ringing alarm bells. Geez prescribing ritalin for a 4yr old as a first resorce seems totally nuts to me.

Cheers Ness

Was the paediatrician someone you've been seeing regularly? As an ex-teacher, have a word with your son's teachers and see what they think about it. Definately go with your instincts and get a second opinion before considering medication, especially if you don't see this doctor regularly - there are other options out there that are definately worth trying first IF you think that it is a problem (and it doesn't sound like you do) such as changes in diet, removing preservatives etc.

I do believe VERY strongly that there are children for whom medication is the best option, however I do not believe that it should be the first port of call, especially if you and other people who deal with your child on a regular basis do not see a need for it.

I have taught a child who had ADD but was extremely quiet and well behaved. The student was medicated but to me the medication did not seem to benefit their learning. The child had learning difficulties that made school more difficult for them in the first place and then also had problems with maintaining concentration which exacerbated their difficulties at school. In this particular case, I felt (and told the parents this) that the medication was dampening down the student's ability to actually participate in school/relate with their peers and me as their teacher which then meant that they struggled even more with their schoolwork. In fact the days that they didn't have their medication before coming to school were the days where I was able to get the most out of them academically!

Please, if you are in anyway uncertain, talk to his teachers and get their opinion, talk to a doctor you trust and who has had semi regular contact with your son etc. There are checklists that teachers/doctors will/should perform on children before even suggesting ADD/ADHD and these involve regular contact with the child not just observations in a 10 minute consult.

Sorry, this is one of my soap box issues smile. Like I said at the start, yes, medication is beneficial for some children but based on what you've said in your post I don't think it should be the first port of call so please don't feel pressured into going down that route straight away - get advice, do some research etc and make an INFORMED decision.

Get a 2nd opionion!
Did he say why he thought he had ADHD???
Have you mentioned it to his teachers?
It seems rather sudden to just say he has ADD he needs meds, I do knw a little girl who DOES have ADHD, she has multiple problems due to brain damage at birth and they tried therapy, diet changes etc prior to drugs and in the end she didn't need them, she does still have outbursts from time to time but nowhere near as bad as she was
Was this diagnosis from a single visit to the paed? Sounds very suss to me, particularly if he has been fine (both to you and to his teachers etc).
I agree with all the other pp definetly get a second opinion..

firstly i would completely ignore the ADD diagnosis, you know your own child. Secondly i would be reporting that doctor for malpractice - if what you say is exactly what happened, than it is your duty to protect others from being mistreated by this doctor. Thirdly i would see another doctor about your childs testicle. Good luck hun, and don't be frightened about what this doctor has said. They may have a piece of fancy paper with a medical degree, but it also doesn't mean they can't be nut jobs.
Run away! run away! My little brother was on add meds from age 4 to 16, they turned him into an anorexic zombie (his words) he argued and begged with mum almost everyday not to take them. They may work to some extent, but not worth it imo. There are other treatments available and as you said, your ds doesn't seem to exhibit any obvious signs of adhd. Maybe speak to his teachers, but seriously, I don't think I'd be too worried at this stage, and I certainly wouldn't be going back to that doctor.
ADD and ADHD requireigooustesting, so our paed saying that so quickly seems bizzare lol
If you feel that your gut is screaming try other Drs, gto a naropath/iridologist, see other drs, explore every avenue, before you try such medication, that's my opinon anyways lol

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My 10 year old DS, has ADHD, and it wasnt a overnight diagnosis. There was lots of tests. I suggest you ignore him and go and see another doctor. If you havent seen any problems yourself, I wouldnt worry about it. You would see the signs even at such a young age. I picked up the differences after having DS2, but didnt really notice a big problem until he started school. All the best.
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