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Little things that annoy you Lock Rss

I hate all of the above too. My biggest peeve at the moment is when I'm parallel parked outside school and there is this one women who parks in front of me,so closely in fact that I almost asked her if she would like to sit on my lap!! She does this to me at least 3 days a week,it leaves me blocked in until she or the car behind me moves. GRRR angry
i hate when people come over and use my toilet for number 2's. only family are allowed to do them in my toilet. grosses me out!

ETA that i am a toilet paper freak too. i even put it the 'right' way in other peoples houses...
at the moment my kids annoy the crap out of me, all they do is scream at each other or me for no apparent reason

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I completely agree with the PP who said 'people who park in childrens carparks who clearly don't have children' - next time I see someone do this I'm gonna put a note on their window saying "you have my park, would you like my children!!". (2 under 2, they wont do that again).

I'm one of those 'toilet paper people'!!

It annoys me when DP hangs out the washing and folds the towels right over and then pegs them. I use a neat one inch (2.5 cm fold)- otherwise it takes ages to dry. ( I know, i should be grateful that he helps- but I'm jsut being honest, and I have never told him).

Also, people who pronounce ask as aks.People who leave tea bags in my sink.

so many- i must be an old crab pot (at 30).
I have to admit the toilet paper on the 'wrong' way annoys the hell out of me too but my biggest beef at the moment (and I'm yet to work out just who the culprit is) is someone using the last of the roll and instead of changing it they just sit the new roll on top of the holder with the empty still on it!!!!!!!!!!!! How freaking hard is it to take the empty off and replace it????

Huge bugbear when driving is idiots that can't read signs.....if the sign says Left Lane Must Exit then don't get the shi.ts on when I won't let you barge in front of me!!! If I can read that damn sign 500m up the road without my glasses on then everyone else can see the bloody thing too gggrrrrr

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

i have so many but ive learnt to just "let it go" lol

bustin too wee finally get a break from kids run in "no toilet paper just a stupid empty roll"

doing all the washing then sweeping and finding stinkin socks under the lounge

un-announced visitors

df takes his shoes off downstairs and leaves them NEXT to the shoe rack angry

my worst is going to the car downstairs and finding a 3 day old container df has pulled out his work bag that he hasnt rinsed an is growing new life forms.

i hate doing all the dishes leave the water in y df eats and he puts his dirty plate on the bench

i rinse and stack the dishes on one side of the double basin df puts a dirty plate in the otehr side

df drinks the water and leaves the bottle for me to fill up

just let it go Tammy let it go lol

Thanks for the laugh ladies smile
But I have to say that although some things do bother me a little but....I tend to concentrate on things that matter more to me. I have learnt that life is too short to 'sweat the small stuff'.
Try this..... the next time the cloth is left in the sink, on the toilet paper is coming from underneath, take a breath and ask yourself "Does is REALLY matter??"
Ha Ha Ha! Great funny stuff. I mustn't have selected the send e-mail with updates button, because I didn't realise anyone had replied to my thread!

mudooo, your right, in the grand scheme of things, most of these things don't matter, but it's funny to hear the things the make people frustrated! Especially when we all seem to have a DP/DH etc that do the same damn thing!


PS, quote that I thought some of you might like: My idea of house work is sweeping the room with a glance wink

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