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who else will be tuning in to Lock Rss

I cant wait iv been waiting for this show and can not wait to hear their stories!
When, what time and what channel? LOL

7.30 tonight on discovery home and health smile

ok thanks will let my mum know, she was really shocked when it happened to her and was told it happens alot. She went the whole way without knowing, went home vomitting and within 5mins not even that had a baby at home that she was not expecting she even said to my dad what is that. Sis is now 27mnths

OMG thats incredible!! i have a friend who didnt find out until 36 weeks she had no idea at all and that to me is amazing but right up omg (i wish that happened to me lol i hate waiting im so impatient lol)
OMG!!! what did you say when they called you??? what a shock!

i had been talking to my dad just after he had spoke to mum and she was on her way home to tell him i wasnt feeling well (morning sickness with dd) adn not to come pick me up to take me to get groceries, he told me that was fine as he just spoke to mum and she wasnt well so he'd go straight home, so when he rang a few hours later the first thing he said was are you sitting down my heart sank thinking something bad had happened to my mum and then he said mums had a girl, i was like wat the. got off the phone got my housmate to drive me over and walked into the room to see my mum holding this lil baby. What a shock it was seeing it made it real but took ages to sink in. Heaps of ppl hung up on my dad when he rang to tell them including his boss. Everyone was like but i just saw her and she wasnt pregnant.

OMG that's incredible smile

My goodness that is incredible!!! We have no TV so hope this show will be online somewhere...
How's your Mum doing now with a new child?
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