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Moving to China for 3-6 months with 3 kids.... Lock Rss

Hi guys...

I just found out today that we'll be moving to China (Shanghai) for 3-6 months, starting in June this year! My husband needs to be there for his work, and so we're packing up our 3 kids (ages 4, almost 3 and 1) and heading off on the most amazing adventure.

Part of the moving package is that we'll be given a serviced apartment to live in, a nanny and a housekeeper (if we want)... can't believe it! I'm so excited.. and nervous. I don't know anything about Chinese culture, I don't speak any chinese... I can't even use chopsticks!

Does anyone have any experiences to share, or any advice to offer? To be honest my main concern is what to do with the kids on the flight over there!

Hey Marie,

I have absolutely nothing wise to say or advice to give, but I just wanted to wish you, J, A, S and S a wonderful time away. I will be watching on FB to see some pics. What an awesome experience for the two girls (S may be a bit young for it to make much difference to him). I bet you will come back as the chop stick queen lol.

Dee xxx

Mummy to one big little man!!

Oh I'm so jealouse can I come?
Ive never been to China, but the Asian countries I've been to are Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia and 4 times to Singapore, and from what I know, Shanghai is very westernised and there will be a lot of people there who speak English. You will have a fantastic time! Bon voyage!
Dee!! Guess what??? You can't access facebook in China!!!! AAARRRGGHHH!!! I think I might have to e-mail pics and stuff for a friend to put up on my page if I can't find some sort of way to access it from there. What am I going to do all day? hehe wonder if the huggies site is restricted there too?

TaliMay, I think that for the first little while if I find someone who speaks english I'm going to give them a great big hug and ask them to be my best friend! I've got a few books/dvd's to start learning Chinese and I think I'll get one of those electronic translator things, but am also seeing this as an excellent opportunity to learn a new language!

When I first heard about the nanny/housekeeper part of the deal I said "oh no, that won't be necessary", but then it dawned on me that that's what I've always wished for!!!! hehe, so I don't know.. maybe just some help to go to the shops and stuff would be good.

The kids can go to an International pre-school too which is supposed to be really good, I think they'll enjoy that, the girls are pretty easy going and adapt well to change so I think they'll have a blast!

Thanks for the well wishes..

ps.. Dee, I hope the apartment has a decent oven and a few cake tins, that could be a deal breaker tongue
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