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Would it bother you if you had all Boys all girls?? Rss

Before I had kids, I only wanted girls and only planned on 2 kids anyway so I was very lucky and ended up with my 2 DD's from my ex-hubby.

Fast forward a few years to my relationship with DF....we wanted 2 more kids, preferably 1 boy in the mix but the most important thing was that the child was healthy. We now have 2 gorgeous DS's and our family is complete.

I was sure I never wanted boys until DS1 I couldn't imagine life without my boys.

which will be 'worse' 3 teenage boys or 3 teenage girls?

Well in my case I have 3 teenage girls...DF's 19yr old and my 13yr old and 15yr old....and it's hell some days!!! The DSD is fantastic...has her head screwed on right and is a great kid. My girls on the other hand, particularly DD1, think they can do what they want when they want and to hell with the rest of us gggrrrr

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

We have 4 girls - 17, 14, 7 and 1. Yep the last one was all fingers crossed for a boy and when the ultrasound didn't show anything I must admit I was a little disappointed, but OMG she's the most precious little princess and we now couldn't imagine having boys.

I wouldn't know what to do at nappy changes blink
I have 4 girls - they are 6, 4, 2, and 17 weeks old. i am happy to have all girls - once I had two, I decided that I didn't really want boys anymore, cos I was so used to girls! My husband, however, did want a boy, but is very happy with all his girls! Life is very hectic and unpredictable with 4 girls. One minute they love each other, and are planning on living together in a house with all their kids - no mention of husbands or partners! They even have the house picked out! The next minute they hate each other and want nothing to do with each other! Well, except for the baby, but I'm sure she will add her own personality to the mix! Sometimes they clash, other times they play very nicely together. They are all very different. My DD1 is a tomboy, and has ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder, which makes her very difficult to deal with. My DD2 wants to be a fairy when she grows up. DD3 loves Dora, and is always trying to convince us her name is Dora! As for the baby, well, she is cute and that's about it at this stage! I always wanted a sister growing up, but I had two younger brothers instead, so I always assumed i would have boys, but it has not happened yet - and is unlikely to at this stage! That said, I love my girls, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

if anyone was that desperate they could adopt. madonna can, so why not. its all the rage.

i always wanted a boy then a girl then twin boys then a girl

so far i have my boy and my girl... and DP has said only 1 more, so im REALLY hoping i get twins next time, i wouldnt mind if they are both boys or boy/girl but i dont think i could handle twin girls lol i have always been a tomboy and had guy friends more then chick friends.

i was sooooooo happy when DS was born and he was a boy! he was the first boy on my mums side for ages 9my nan has 1 sister and they both had 2 girls, and my mum and my aunty both had 2 girls) and no one ever thought i would have a boy. so i am very lucky to have had the sexes i want, i wouldnt have minded if DD was a boy but if i had all girls i would keep trying for a boy.

my great aunty had 6 boys trying for a girl then all her boys had boys except for one but they live in NZ so she hardly ever gets to see them.

DH would love a lil girl. To be honest im not fussed either way. Ive had two boys (now in heaven) and as long as we bring our next bub home and bub's healthy i really dont mind if girl or boy.
with DD i didnt care what i got but when i found out i was having twins i wanted 2 boys (which is what i got) or 1 of each only because the thought of have 3 girls going thru puberty (only 2.5yrs between the kids) together scared the hell out of me lol

i would really love to have another bub and want another boy but wouldnt be disappointed if i had a girl (although i wouldnt know what to do if she was a girly girl lol)
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