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Hey lovely mums! I wrote you all a poem! Lock Rss

Thanks to all the mums in Hugg!es land,
For being such a helping hand.
Through chaotic days, nights with no sleep,
Some sanity you've helped me keep.

You come here from such different worlds,
To talk about your boys and girls.
You endeavour not to criticize;
To see life through another's eyes.

From this exchange we all draw strength,
Sharing posts, whatever length.
Every mum hoping to learn,
And give back something in return.

Such value you all have to bring
This modern tribal gathering!
Wise women all, every last one -
Blessed are your daughters and your sons.


This new forum is strange ...

What a lovely poem.
I think you expressed what a lot of other mums think as well.


Post deleted by administrator.
That is just beautiful!!!
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