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What size are you 18 month and 3yr olds in? Lock Rss

In November Maddi will be 2 months off 3 and my niece is 6 months younger than her but they wear the same size. I'm trying to figure out what size dress they'll be in then. They are both tall and not petite (makes them sound 'large' lol, I just mean they're average build).

Emilie will be 18 months and she is on the smaller side (than what I'm used to anyway!). She's 13 months now and still only in 0. I'm thinking she'll only be size 1 by then?

Thanks for any help. I know it's not the most interesting topic but I don't want to wait till it's close because it freaks me out I won't find a dress in time!!

my little girl was 2 and a litle bit when we got married in feb last yr and i got her a size2 dress and it came to halfway down her shins....she is on the tall side but no means a giant. she is 3 almost 4 now and i can just put her in a size 3 now.

i would go the size 3 and some shops carry a 18mnth size but otherwise i guess i depends on the dress and what sort of lenght etc you would like.

i'm not sure if any of that helps but good luck!!!!!
hope the wedding goes well.....******sending happy wedding dust*******


Id look more on how tall they are for dresses rather than size if that makes sense. A size 3 is generally for a child aged 1m tall. So if your eldest is nowhere near that in height I would stick with a 2.

My 3 year old is in a size 4 and even a few 5s do I cant help he is around 110 tall

My 15 month old is quite small and is in a 0 and also some 00 and even a 000 or 2 but they are small. A size 1 is for around 12 kilos and around 85cms.

Dresses are a heap easier though because you can take them up


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