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Hi all,
Christy has asked me to let you all know that she has been in hospital for the past couple of days. Early labour signs including some hefty contractions kicked in and she went in for monitoring and has now been admitted. She has been given lots of medication to stop the labour progressing and they have eased in frequency but not in strength so are yet to work effeciently. She has also been given steroids to help develop baby's lungs. They are monitoring her closely and could end up transferring her to a NICU about 4hrs away from her home. Very scary and very exhausting for her. Will keep you updated as she asks me to.
I was just thinking I hadn't seen her around today. I hope her bub stays put for a few more weeks yet. Let her know we are thinking of her.
just got an update from her too.

Stay put littl man - you're in my prayers tonight Christy & Mic

much love

Oh jesus .....I was thinking this morning that I hadnt seen her round for a day or so !!

Bloody hell mate .Hang in there little baby ...your mummys tummy is the best place for you mate ..

please please please give her my love ??

We are thinking of you Christy, love Lynda and David
Thinking of you Christy and family. Hoping little man stays put for awhile longer yet.

Seeing lots of hugs.

I havent heard from Christy for a few hours but I'm hoping that is a good sign. FX that those drugs do what they are meant to and keep that lil bub inside for a few weeks longer
Best of luck babe

Oh crap, that's not good. Wish her all the best and hoping bub can stay in there for a while longer yet!
My thoughts are with you.
Stay in there little bubba!!!
My thoughts and prayers are with Christobelle and her family

I was thinking she was quiet too. Thinking of you Christy hopefully bubby will stay put a few weeks longer. Please pass on our well wishes.

Am I the only one feeling quite frustrated about this? She was in the hospital a week ago and they fobbed her off and didnt take it serious and now this. If only they had taken it serious a week ago then maybe it wouldnt have gotten this serious.

Cheers Ness

yep I thought that too Ness....

She knows we're all thinking and praying for her & family and seemed to be in good spirits all things considered.
Praying he stays safe and sound in your tum Christy.

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