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what do your toddlers do Lock Rss

As the title says...
I have DD in her high chair (almost 12months) when i shower.
What do your kids do?
I put on a dvd for DS (2yrs) when i have a shower. He also likes to come in the bathroom and talk to me while i'm showering smile

My kids are 4.5, 3 and 18mths, I shower with the bathroom door open and they all come in and out while I'm in there, DD2 like to stand right against the shower door and watch the water. Some days I will wait until DD2 has her sleep and have a shower while the other 2 are watching a dvd.
Mine are all in & out of the bathroom constantly while showering... no such thing as a peaceful shower or privacy here anymore.
They just come in a talk to me lol.
I used to put the baby in the rocker/highchair

but now they are 8, 6 and 2 so I leave the door open and they come and go as they please and guaranteed there is always some crisis like someone fell over or he took my toy, lol. I can't even have 5 minutes to myself.

Mum of three amazing people

my son is either in there with me if its night time .. or i had a few earlier in the day during this pregnancy when i had bad ms so he would just watch tv or play with his toys.. or come in and check on me haha...
Mine are in bed fast asleep!
I have my shower at night time before bed and then i dont have an issue.

DS will watch telly or a dvd.... or play with toys while im in the shower (thats if hes not in there with me LOL)
I put DS in his bouncer/rocker until he was to big for it .

Now I try to shower while he is asleep or I will put him in his cot with some toys and leave to bathroom door open so I can talk to him .
I normally have a shower with bub and i try and do that when hubby home.

If DF is not home such as this morning i wait until DS2 is asleep and DS1 just watches cartoons. He is not allowed outside while im in the shower iand i lock the doors.

On the occasion DS2 is awake i lock him in the bathroom with me and just grab a few bath toys for him to play with.

I love my showers when DF is home. I can lock just myself in HAHAHA!
I was SO going to ask the same question! grin

I have always waited until DD goes down for her morning nap, but as of today she has decided that she only needs one nap a day. No way can I wait until lunch time to have a shower!
We live in a townhouse so shower is upstairs, so cannot do it while she is awake. No way could I leave her alone downstairs and upstairs is sooo not babyproofed. I could bring her in the bathroom and shut the door, but I don't think that'd last long. DH works/lives away so he's no help. I love my long showers, it's my only real ME time sad
This morning I set my alarm 15mins early and had a shower before I got her up. I think thats the only solution for us. :/


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