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I try to have a shower while I have both girls occupied with breakfast, but sometimes that doesn't work. It doesn't really make a huge difference - the door is always open and they usually talk to me while they are having brekky and I'm in the shower, and if they aren't having brekky they're basically in the bathroom talking to me lol. Every now and then I'll have a shower in the evening (not often cos I'm a morning shower person, but evening shower will usually be an extra lol), just cos DP is home and I want some time to actually have a relaxing shower rather than a jump in, get the business done, and jump out kinda thing.
until DS was about 18 months he would sit in his high chair with a few toys. before that i used to wait til he had his morning nap before i had my shower, but then when he dropped that nap i didn't want to sit around til midday waiting for a shower!

once we got rid of his high chair he was old enough to be in the bathroom and sit on the floor and play with toys. i went through the cupboards and made sure their wasn't anything too dangerous in there, and he sometimes will have a look in there, but i am always watching. he just likes to pretend to put on moisturisers etc (and sometimes goes thru my make up bag and plays with the brushes). he is pretty good.

DS1- he either watches telly or comes and talks to me

DS2- I wait til he is sleeping OR he comes in the bathroom in his rocker or Walker and I pull faces at him

Otherwise I wait until DP is home.
That reminds me....I need to have a shower! lol

Until just recently I would have a shower at night when the girls had gone to bed but since the girls rooms are right next to the bathroom, having late showers often wakes them up, so I'm now trying to have a shower mid/late afternoon before their dinner.

Our house is pretty kiddy proof, but I make sure all the doors are closed to other rooms and the locks are on the kitchen doors/drawers and the front doors are locked, pop tv or a dvd on for them and off I go.

The bathroom door is always open and both girls usually end up in there with me...dd1 usually throws all the bath toys in and dd2 likes to play with the water.

Two nights a week DH doesnt get home till late so I end up with both girls and me having a big shower/bath - its fun!
DD likes to stand at the shower door to watch and chat. She opens the door for me when I turn the water off (then tries to shut it on me while I'm getting

DS really couldn't care less if I disappear for a shower, he just continues playing or watches TV.

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Mine always just watch TV, when they were babies I would pop them in the bouncer then as they got older would have the Jolly jumper on the door, now I just give the girls' brekky then when they finish they eat toast in front of ABC kids and I shower, they come in and out and most of the time DD2 strips off and jumps in!
I always try & shower when DH is home (before he goes to work), or have the TV on.......neither works though! He's still in there, opening & shutting the door, trying to splash himself & generally making a nuisance of himself! LOL I miss my own showers!!

I put dd(18mnths) in her cot with books, she is still a bit young to be left unsupervised when i cant hear her, she would get into everything. & she is into climbing onto coffee table etc when im not looking so its also dangerous to leave her unattended for long
She showers with me. She loves to wash my legs and pumice my feet, as well as clean the shower walls. Sometimes her doll joins us, too,

I shower when DD1's shows are on in the morning, with the door open. I can't fit a shower in before DH goes to work, and I can't shower when the girls are asleep sad

N always showers with me.
When DD was little i would strap her into her bouncer etc if i needed a shower but pretty much since birth i have waited until she is asleep to shower.
Especially now that she is a toddler i prefer to wait until night time and shower when i know shes fast asleep so that i can actually enjoy it in peace.
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