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Baby Jogger City Select Lock Rss

Anyone have one?? Pros...Cons... It looks a bit too good to be true (other than the price that is!)

would love to hear from anyone that has one grin




My friend had one, returned it as she thought it was too bulky & heavy...but then most double prams are wink Otherwise I think she liked it ok.
I just brought one but they r out of stock, the store (baby bunting) said they were getting a big shipment in September so u might be hard pressed to find anyone to give it a review unfortunately, i have only ever seen one of them at them out and about so now im just hoping its as good as it looks.

I'm bumping this.
Curious as well. I'm currently looking into this same pram.

Thanks Mummaof4 grin

I've just been reading some of the US reviews, sounds pretty good so far. The only con seems to be the weight, but its not that much heavier than the pram I have now (steelcraft enigma).

Hopefully some ppl on here have one, can't wait to hear grin


We have one, and I wish that I had got the strider, anyway

Pros - folds up really easily, great steering, really "smooth" ride, good for jogging (not me dad!)

Con's - big and bulky, can't fit through normal checkouts (have to go through express), when you put the baby bag on the back it seems to loose its balance, don't like the storage underneath, hard to get to.

I guess the only reason that it would be really good, is if you plan on going running, and doing a lot of "off-roading" we got it because we used ot live on a property (now townies - doh)

Good luck
Bump smile


My sister has one of these prams.
She had to wait until her daughter was nearly 3 months old for it to arrive from O/S (even after ordering it when she was 6 months pregnant and being guareented that it would arrive in 6-8 weeks).
I used it whilst I was visiting her, for my 3 year old and 23 month old and I've got to say that, personally, I prefer my Phil n Teds.
The pram is soooooo long, so I found it really uncomfortable to steer. Your limited to where you can take it as it doesn't fit through every doorwar and I was told I couldn't get on without folding it up on public transport. An the nappy bag makes it tip - which is not good....
My sister also has alot of complaints about this pram and now wishes she hadn't bought it. She says that the company states it can be placed in as many as 16 different positions - she can only manage 10 - which is I suppose, alot. But considering what you pay for this pram...I'd buy another brand!!!

ok so mine arrived about 3 wks ago and i love it so far.

If u actually compare the dimensions of the wheel span it is less wide than the strider and very similer in width to the phil and teds.

The reason y i chose it over phil and teds was steering seemed to be better and i can use a car capsule system with the baby jogger that i cant with phil and teds and the strider was just too wide.

As for weight every tandem pram u buy is going to be heavy it has to be so that its safe for two kids, wen u take the seat off first the frame is actually quite light and i have no troubles getting it into the boot it folds nicely and the seats click in and out very smoothly, unfortunately i can only comment on it carrying one child as the other one is still being cooked, but so far so good.

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