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I am having baby number 7 in 5 weeks at the age of 41.Anyone out there as game and having more than two children. roll eyes
Wow... Congrats on that, that's awsome you must be a very busy women! I've only got 3 under 3 an 21.. The kids father (now my ex DF) wanted 7 kids have no idea why though. I think I'm seriously done at 3, can only fit 5 people in a standard car don't plan on upgrading my car any time soon, plus my family would go mental at me if I came out an said hey I'm pregnant again.
oooh congrats on bub number 7! i have always wanted 7 kids! dp only wants 3 tho, i have just managed to convince him to TTC number 3 next year. i think i could maybe get 4 or even 5 out of him in the next few years smile hehe im only 24 and he is 26 so we have a few good baby making years left in us haha.

congrats again and good luck with the birth and adjusting to number 7 smile

Congrats on the impending arrival of your #7 bubba.
My husbands Aunt just had her 7th at 41 also. She is loving it and also all the extra hands to help out (her eldest is 21 and the youngest is 10).


I have 3, DS would be nearly 6.5 years (he passed away in january this year from a heart condition) DD1 is 4.5 years and DD2 is 2.5 years, we have just started TTC #4 and am hoping to convince hubby to let me have 2 more.... we'll see!!! he has always wanted a big family

Edited to Add I am 27 (will be 28 in march) and had always said I was hoping to have finished having kidws by the time I am 30
Hey there, Drew is going to be 1 next week and he is our 5th I have 3 sons including Drew and 2 step sons... lots of testosterone in this house lol the boys are aged:

L - was 4 in July,
B - 13,
A - 15 (will let you know that he is 16 in Jan lol)
D - 12, and
Drew is 1 on the 23rd of Oct...

this is my user name L'BADD

That is it for us lol NO MORE ha-ha I found that trying to get 5 organised in the morning before work is a bit of a challange lol

Hat off to you hon you are a legend smile

Leigha''s little men smile

Hi there, I just had bubba no.5 but that is it for us. I thought I would stop after DS3 but then waited a few years before going again and getting my little girl. DS4 was a complete surprise guess I kicked started my over fertility again lol. I recently showed the kids our wedding video in which my husband announced we were going to have a big family - he never discussed that with me grin

Good on you for keepin on going - I think big families are wonderful! I would keep going if my body would let me, but I had too many back issues last time.

Good luck and congrats on bubba no.7

Just too add I just turned 30 10 days after my son was born grin

I am having baby number 7 in 5 weeks at the age of 41.Anyone out there as game and having more than two children. roll eyes

we have 3 and we are done, I just turned 45.3 is enough( some times 3 too many lol).I know someone who had her 8th at 38 and was also a grandma not long after.Best wishes,you must be very patient.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

In the next few weeks I will have 4 under 5... So that should be interesting.. I am looking forward to the challenges that come my way with having them close together but it should all be worth it. I think I feel done at 4 altho my husband has told me from day 1 that he wants 14 kids... So who knows if we are done or not.


I am 36 & have 6 boys
Caleb 17 yrs
Amos 13 yrs
Elisha & David 10 yrs
Peter & Malachi 6 yrs

If I wasn't single I would have more grin [/center]

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