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Would you go? Lock Rss

My grandad died on thurs, and hisa funeral will be this week in London. He has lived there my whole life, so we weren't close, but he was my Dad's Dad so I feel like I should go.

DH would need to take the week off to look after DD, but he has the leave. I can afford it, and I have a current passport.

Really undecided and would love to hear some opinions on what you would do.

If I could afford it and logistically I could do it I would.

Can anyone go with you? It would be a long way to go by yourself.

Also can the relos put you up while your over there?

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa

Thanks, I would go alone, no-one to put me up. My sister would love to come, but I'd have to pay for her too (which I don't mind doing). Don't have to decide for another 24 hours or so, so I'm just weighing it up. smile
no i wouldnt. if i didnt know him or have a relationship with him, it would feel strange / odd for me to go, like i am just a spectator.
Do you want to go? If yes then go, otherwise you may regret it down the track. Or are you umming and arring and feel like you should go? If so, I wouldn't bother, considering you didn't really know him.
My Grandad died when I was in year 8. We moved to Australia from England when I was 4yrs old, the only time we saw them after that was when I was in grade 4 in primary school, they came over for a couple of weeks when he was getting ill (Alzheimers). I loved my grandad, I always felt close to him even though we literally never saw each other. But he was a great man! And I would have loved to go to his funeral. If it was me then yes, I'd go. But I'm thinking about me and my grandad. I don't know if I would if I wouldn't feel comfortable. I probably wouldn't go by myself.

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