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Ive been loosing bits of my plug since Wed when teh OB gave me a S&S and told me i was 1cm Dialated...Thats about it, after the walk yesty i got very very mild tightenings taht were irregular and by 9pm had vanished,i had a shower and thought i bet get an early night *just incase* and went to bed after offspring and woke this morning still in tact...

With DD i had no signs until my waters broek, even when my waters broke and i arrived at the hospital an hr later and was hooked up to the CTG machine i wasnt experiencing any contractions and teh machine wasnt picking anything up so i was given the drip to get things progressing... so you never know how it will happen,some labors are fast others are longer and soem woman have "signs" for days and other nothing, luck of the draw i suppose

Lets hope today is our day smile 1.11.10 smile
I thought i was gonna go late because i didnt have any real lead up signs that labour was going to happen. NOTHING, not a thing! No cramps, show etc, the only thing that made me think labour had started was that my waters broke- and 2 days before my due date!

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