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The mouse Lock Rss

I swear, he is like that mouse that knows all the tricks, whats that movie called? 1st he eats all the food of the extra sesitive traps, and eats my 2 min noodles, now the little f*cker is running across my rumpus room floor and he actually stops and stares at me! Ive thrown numerous things at him, but he keeps ducking. And ...and....and the cat is just sitting there doing nothing!!!!!!!!! Why the hell did we have to get a cat that wont chase mice????

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

Must be a thing Sam! I have just had some come into the house, but god knows where from!! Mouse Hunt is the movie!
I have been told to try and find the hole or where they come in and stuff it with steel wool as they cant get in or out then. I'm slack, I have baited the house - carefully of course so my girl can't get to them - and hubby has to set the traps.
Your cat probably thinks - she will feed me why chase my food!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

Yep - totally relate to your problem. We had mice here a while back. Okay - I dont' know what you are putting on your mouse traps but peanut paste worked for us - the mice can't pick it up and carry it away so they have to stay on the trap that little bit longer and hopefully get caught. We caught a few this way. I'll tell you what else works. We worked out that the mice were coming in via our garage (the only place big enough for mice to squeeze through) and then enter the house via the door between the garage and house. Anyway when we went on holiday for five weeks not so long back, the house was locked up and the mice can't squeeze under the wooden garage door into the house when it is shut and locked. Anyway, our hot water system exploded while we were away and made the garage wet and musty! We have yet to see any mice come back! Pretty extreme (and expensive) way of extermination but it worked!

James' Mum

We used ratsack once....the little horror died when he crawled back in between the walls and the entire house stunk for over a month!!!! A country girl i used to work with suggested pumpkin seeds with a little bit of feral pumpkin left on (hasn't failed yet!) also, if you don't like the traps or they aren't working properly, you can get these little wire cages that you put the food in, they have a tunnel that starts out thick and goes thin, when the mouse crawls in to get the food they can't get back out. We got ours at a produce (farming supplies type) store...reusuable and not gross to wake up to!

Jade, QLD, DS Sept 04, #2 due 06/08/07

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