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Some women shouldn't be allowed to have children Lock Rss

Have a read of this... It made me so angry and sad...

Is that about that horrible woman that put her baby in the washing machine?
whats wrong with some people!!!!!!

Manslaughter - should be murder charges & life in prison!

That poor little baby. I'm tears after reading that.

Feel so sad for her other children too.
The link didnt work the first time thats why i asked but i read it earlier, its so horrible people like her should b put in front of the firing squad, stupid evil junky b*tch.
What the hell!!?? That's not second-degree manslaughter, in IMO it's murder. I'm really saddened by this.
That poor child, its sad but thank god its death didnt lead to nothing and the other children have been taken away, hopefully they will have a better life, but I wish the baby was afforded the same sad
Stories like that make me more than least the stupid junkie scrag across the road doesn't have her newborn home yet cos the hospital won't let the baby home until they feel he'll be looked after properly.....and honestly for bubbies sake I hope they never let her bring him home.

The little one is almost 2wks old now and no-one has even seen her going to visit him yet....1 neighbour even got a lift up to the hospital to see her mum on Saturday and agreed to meet the stupid woman down in the nursery after she'd fed the baby to get a lift home, but when she got there no-one had seen her that day........hmmm turns out she hadn't even been in to feed the baby in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?????????????? angry

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

stuff the life in prison! she should just be put down like a vicious dog would be.
And tell me why after the first few incidents with her older children and knowing she was a druggy, was she allowed to KEEP HER CHILDREN!??????????????

Times like this they should bring back punishment by death
angry OMG! I feel sick to my stomach! That is just........ I dont have the words to describe what it is.

I hope her other children will be placed together in a safe and nurturing home. I hope that the "mother" gets clean and then spends the rest of her days suffering emensly for what she has done!
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