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Is 2 under 2 that hard? Lock Rss

Well my DD is nearly 6 months old and were thinking of TTC next year so Lexi will be under 2 if were lucky to conceive. 2 under 2 really that hard?
I've never had 2 under 2 but have an idea that the 'hardness' of it may depend on the nature/personality of your firstborn?
Heaps of families do it so it can't be that bad lol
Yes and No.

DD was 17 months when DS was born, really didn't like having two in nappies! DD still required a lot of my attention which was hard with DS screaming for 8 months straight .

On the plus side, we didn't have any sibling rivalry and I doubt DD remembers life before DS lol.

Well my DD is nearly 6 months old and were thinking of TTC next year so Lexi will be under 2 if were lucky to conceive. 2 under 2 really that hard?

Not really. 3 under 4 on the otherhand.... gasp

no its not that bad, but it does feel like a bit of a blur sometimes
my boys are 21months apart then 17 months later i had my daughter, so my oldest was 3years & 2 months when my daughter was born
i think that you just cope cause you have to, i liked the fact that you didn't have to go out if you were having a bad day, now with this 1 i have school & preschool drop off & pick up so i will have to wake bub or try to fit in a feed so that it doesn't clash with those times
this time it will be my biggest age gap at 3.5yrs, for me i liked the small gaps


3 under 3 is harder than 2 under

Seriously though, I don't reckon it's that bad, that's why we aimed for the same age gap between number 2 and number 3 as between number 1 and number 2. Having DD1 sleeping through made a HUGE difference I think. DD2 only started sleeping through a week before DS was born so that wasn't really ideal.

Anyway, I love the age gap smile
My 2 are 18 months apart. I'd say it hasn't been too hard. The worst thing for me is trying to keep DD1 quiet, but amused while DD2 naps (still 3 times a day!). At least you don't get used to sleeping in, no nappies etc smile

I know someone who has 2 under 1! wacko

I had 2 under 2 for a month, does that count??? smile smile

I think the hard work comes from how organised or unorganised you are. I find it hard even now because of my chronic lack of organisation, but its getting better as I get better smile
Try having 2 under 1!!! LOL DS1 and DS2 are 11.5mths apart and whilst it can be a nightmare when they both want mum at the same time in different parts of the house gggrrrr it's also good that they have someone close in age. My 2 boys fight especially over toys but they are inseperable to the point if one is asleep the other is always asking for him until they wake up....and then the fun starts all over again!! hehehe

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

I have 3 under 4

I think 2 under 2 was alot harder than what I have now. Mostly because DS1 didn't sleep through the night when DS2 was born and DS2 was horrible at eating (and still is to this day). So I was a zombie for at least the first 3 mths.

But this time i have a baby that sleeps 11hrs a night, eats and sleeps during the day and I am yet to have a day of screaming. Ontop of this DS1 & DS2 sleep through the night. Its amazing what you can put up with during the day if you get a decent sleep at night

So I think it depends on the baby and the toddler! It is certainly do-able, and the age gap is great when they get a little bit bigger
I think ill fine the hardest bit will be the night time sleeps as DD still isnt sleeping through although things can change..

But like CAI said we will cope because we kinda have too!

Hmm..i guess we just wait and see what happens!
i don't have 2 under 2 however my SIL does, her son is 18months and she has a 3month old girl... she struggles a bit with her son demanding time and not understanding his sister needs mums attention, also shopping trips are difficult, getting them in and out of cars and so one... shes pretty organised though.. i think being organised is important when you have 2 under 2

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